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By Grossed Out - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - Australia

Today, my dad asked me if I could convince my mother to get a Brazillian wax. If that's not bad enough, my mother heard and yelled from the other room, "I like my furball." FML
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wolf pussy :-)

OH MY GOD! WIN. LOL, furball! Your mom's funny...


wolf pussy :-)

The OP is now scared for life...

gross! I don't even want to think about a parent like that! at least not one old enough to have a kid that knows what a brazilian is

hahahahahahaha FHL "lol i feel sorry for your dad

one Horney ass dad. hey I guess it could be a lot worse

lol, Nick Swardson reference ftw!

Haha, great special, laughed my ass off... Also fur is not great... Maybe a little on the top, but trimmed.. otherwise no go.

Wolf pussy? More like Mammoth pussy!

rofl, "furball" that's bawse xD

poor dad must be coughing up hairballs

that's yuckers./: one time me and my mom were in our bathing suites and she looked down and said "opp my little hairs are showing!" ...I feel your painnn.

why can't dad pull out the lawn mower and do it himself.

that reminds me of my gf snickerdoodles downstairs

@90, I think we've driven snicker away... (we=FML users -_-) sorrah Sneeckardewdlez

90.. you're disgusting :/ jussayin.

eww lmao to number 1

Must I defend Snicker's honor in her absence? Grab the dueling pistols. Here's your flintlock, and I'll just use my Glock.

@45 Hella cute :P


#74 that just made me gag rite now...... crap where's the trash can...... lol jking but ur story. did sound gross a bit...... no offense.....

#1 made my day lol

o n #74 grosssss

Haha #1 Nick Swardson FTW!!

OH MY GOD! WIN. LOL, furball! Your mom's funny...

holy shit that's hillarious.

Agreed. OP, how old are you? If you are over 20, no big deal. Your parents see you as an adult.

no #2. op's mom is FURRY.

LOL 65. I was gonna say that. xD;

I don't care how old she is. I'm 32, my dad's 48, and my mom's 50. I still do not want to know about her furball! Or anyone's for that matter! Ummmmm....eeeewwww!!!!

@82: your mom's a cougar lol

No, his/her parents were stupid and had a kid at 16 and 18.

#45, do I know u?

It'd be a LITTLE less awkward if OP was a girl...

Why didn't he ask her instead?

He did. He was trying to get the OP to convince her to get one.

I believe u mean "crotch" just sayin

wait....the comment I posted this on got removed......nevermind!!!!!

thts discusting!! :O

Learn to spell, dumbass. It's "disgusting."

hahahhaah funny

#1you made my dayy

woah!! trippy picture #12!! 8)