By ip7 - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom - Horsham

Today, I was sitting in a library when a cute boy approached me, so I grabbed the nearest book. When he asked me what I was reading, I said I was revising for an English test. He laughed and pointed out that my book was in French. FML
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DrMario_ 16

That amazing grammar.

Has nobody noticed what day it is?


bandit223 6

Why would this get featured? It's terrible

Oh god, we're probably going to have to go through a whole day with unworthy FMLs.. Just great.

johnrdz3 24

has anyone ever realized Alan is the only on ever commenting on stuff?

How did this get through? It's a waste of a first page fml.

April fools, notice the other FML's...

DrMario_ 16

That amazing grammar.

This is probably the worst FML I've seen on here.

AmayaR 12

April Fools!

I was confused when I first came across this FML, but then I realized that this was posted on April Fools and their prank was to make all the FMLs have really bad spelling.

Has nobody noticed what day it is?

kamikazihawk 5

Thank you for also noticing.

DrMario_ 16

I'm just going to cry.

Look at the date of the fml though. 3/31/15 at 15:24

@12 I'm pretty sure that that's the time it was submitted at, rather than the time it got posted.

#12 That's just when it was submitted your time. It was submitted 6:24am 1/4/15 for me. Edit: Snap SirMichael!

The lack of grammar in these FMLs have literally made me nauseous.

thatonetribute 31


Where do your W's keep disappearing to?

I hope this is an April fools, because reading that hurt

Smells fishy... April's fools joke, moderators? ;)

Aprils fool joke or not that hurt my head reading that.

I was thinking while reading today´s FML´s that how did such horrible spelling escape the moderators. And then I realized its April 1st. I was completely fooled.