Sleeping Beauty

By BERNDTOAST - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States - Dearborn

Today, I fell asleep in class, and woke up hour later. My teacher let me sit there till I woke up to see what my face would be like waking up to a new class. FML
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That's exactly what my teacher did with me except it was at the end of the day and I almost missed my bus.

Vanessa_Leeann26 17


Sounds awesome if you ask me. Wish I had a teacher like that!

I never could sleep in class. I could be so bored and tired that i wanted to die, but i just couldn't fall asleep with that many people around.

I agree. I would die laughing. this is not a fml

This sounds almost exactly like the FML with someone sleeping for 3 hours.

That's exactly what my teacher did with me except it was at the end of the day and I almost missed my bus.

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My teacher made me continue reading my part in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet until I realized it was a completely different class and subject.

I had a history teacher in middle school make us pack up and act like the day was over. we all walked into the hall and he smacked his ruler down next to the girls head to wake her up. told her she missed the bus. her face was one I will never forget.

Vanessa_Leeann26 17

That sucks but you shouldn't have been sleeping in class.

Probably didn't fall asleep on purpose. It happens.

you still shouldn't if it was an accident or not

Maybe OP was having an off day and drifted off. If you're incredibly sleep deprived your body doesn't care where you're at.

If I didn't get much sleep (or caffeine) I usually find my college algebra class very soothing. Then suddenly I wake up and some foreign language is on the board.

That's happened to a friend of mine, except they ended up being woken up by everyone's laughter. :/ It's alright OP, don't stress over it. You'll laugh about it later. :))

Haha I hoped you had a free period & didn't miss class.

Wouldn't matter. OP would just fall asleep in the next class too probably.

Geckosrock99 33

They could pick up some caffeine then. If they have more classes, that is.

Whenever people fall asleep In my class the teacher will make every body quietly leave to the next room to freak them out aha

I have had my students sneak out of the class while someone had '