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By fartbucket51995129565 - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - New York

Today, after having asked me out on Monday, the guy I like angrily cancelled our date because I "hadn't bothered" even talking to him for "several days". One day. You didn't hear from me on Monday. It's now Tuesday. That's one day, dick. FML
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So don't bother talking to him ever again!


So don't bother talking to him ever again!

i hope not. for your sake, im glad his nuttiness came out before you guys got too involved.

Seriously. He sounds obsessive! At least you can get rid of him early before it gets worse

Monday is a bad day for everyone...

He probably saw OPs nickname..

I think we have a Stage 5 Clinger.

Some people should learn how to count.

Some people should learn not to be clingy.

Every superhero needs a super break.

Or to tell time.

He showed you the type of guy he is! Sounds like you're better off

Totally. He sounds ridiculously insecure and high maintenance. I think if you learn from this red flag you will realize that you have dodged a bullet here.

Yeah makes me even wonder if the guy even bothered to try to start a convo or was waiting for OP to do it

Unless you're watch the movie Wanted...

He sounds clingy, you likely dodged a bullet. Sucks now but it's probably better in the long run!

That's exactly what it is... Clingy. Can't handle a day of not hearing from her and acts butt hurt. It's called grow up!

He sounds super clingy OP. That is a very good sign you shouldn't bring that type of person into your life.

Our brains were cut from the same loaf.

Maybe it's because you're a fartbucket.

7 desrves a nobel prize. not

Whenever someone puts "not," at the end of their sentence, I think of Borat. "This pen is black not."

like #5 said, way too clingy. be happy nothing happened

Piss in his milk and be done with him

Well there's yer problem-- you were tracking time according to clocks & shit... Should've measured in the "clingy dude" time measurement standard!