By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - Canada - Surrey

Today, the girl I've gone on two dates with showed up at my house with several boxes of her stuff, expecting to move in. FML
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Run fast, run far.

I'm going to guess that there won't be a third date.


Run fast, run far.

Not gonna help. She already knows where he lives

conman531 23

The house is no more don't you see? Leave it behind and run!

dont stop either

Fly you fool!

Boy was she suprised when you slamed the door in her face

She's one of those faster paced girls. You know, kissing on the first date, moving in on the second.

Actually itd be moving in on the third, OP said they already went on two dates

So is being stupid a hobby, or a full time job?

that deserves top comment

YourOpinionSucks 22

Dammit 36, I just shot water out of my nose in a public place laughing at your comment. Well played.

Married on the 3rd

whatarethisss 23

kids on fourth.

tantanpanda 26

psycho accusations of cheating on the fifth.

I'm pretty sure that's 3 days before the first #111

divorce for no reason after 3 days.

aredvulpix 23

Crazy bitch. Run

I'm going to guess that there won't be a third date.

Depends on who you ask.

The rest of their lives will be one big third date.

Moving on is the third date!

That's... Unusual.

broke hos need love too

But they gotta pa....oh wait

corky1992 33

Think it may be time to move and to get a restraining order. That's just creepy.

Wow! That's a shade too fast for my liking. Bet she felt silly!

Shadowvoid 33

She's fifty shades of cray (cray)

Stage 5 clinger

I think this woman may be starting her own class: Stage 6 clinger.

Stage 7 clinger, even.

Stage 981 clinger, is more like it.