Praise the Lord

By Zippermania9 - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I found out that if you fall asleep in church, people will think you're having a spiritual moment, and you'll wake up to ten people praying for you. FML
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I can say from experience that this is a true story. Until they realize you were sleeping the whole time, and then give you angry looks every Sunday afterwards.


that is HILARIOUS ! seriously??

ninba20 0

lmao... ydi don't fall asleep next time and pay attention lol

lmao!! that would make me piss my pants! good thing I'm Jewish so instead it would happen in a synagouge

dont go to church YDI

toothache 0

hahaha I don't blame you for falling alseep

YDI for going to church

the_sodomizer 0

??? when I used to go to church I fell asleep everytime and never had anything like that happen to me

susieKiute 0

lmao! Ive actually seen this happened to people I know!!!! hahahaha!!!!

lucious_mama 0

I'd have stood up and started speaking in tounges.... sheer bliss of sh* ts & giggles

DontHate31 0

whoa 31 u read that too? I hate that one

If this started happening to me, I would pretend to be a messanger from god, and have the people of the church perform tasks that I assign to them. When they find out that I have been tricking them, I will say "Shut the fuck up and go complain about it on FML so I can type a comment that says, YDI for being stupid and gullible."

nateb1tch 1

psh! religion in oregon? we have the lowest "believers" per capita in the us

ohh way to burn -high fives-

I fall asleep at church all the time!! that hasn't happened before tho o.o maybe because my head always bobs back and forth like when you're asleep and I always lean on someones shoulder so I guess people know I'm sleeping lollll and Jesus FTW he's muh home boy word

Yeah Oregon!!!! Haleuelah!!

That's what the back tows are for. You can sleep all you want if they cant see you

omg I used to fall asleep in church all the time haha

28 then you've never been in a Pentecostal church

I didn't know it was possible to fall asleep at a Pentecostal church. OP, you must be able to sleep through the end of the world itself.

ydi 110% for believing in god

wise words 109.

alizax3 0

that's beyond halarious !!:D

twinny_sc 13

Hahaha I have never laughed so hard at a FML. Instant favorite :D

atomicwedgie4u 0

it's even better if you talk in your sleep.

Isnt that what happens?

53: That may just mean there's a lack of moderation among the few religious groups that do exist. Low exposure can breed extremism, IME.

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you still have some

ann3so 0

(I was answering to 53)

SettoFail 9

LMFAI this just fucking made my day especially because I don't beleive in god,


anonnymouse1812 6

It actually is

gabbielove 0

WTF?! creepy...

lol why the FML? that's awesome!!! :)

Yeah...people sleep when bored. So creepy

church is seriously scary as a mothfucka,you got this shit with the tunges somtimes peopole start screaming,that's why I'm always telling my mom I'm going to the bathroom and sitting outside

haha at least u have ppl praying for you...

ymmot_45 0

I love when that happens

lmao ydi! but that is funny!

lmfao very good and funny fml. original :)

classic :)

hella funny. and if ur good you can even make it look convincing enough. lol

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church sucks

I can say from experience that this is a true story. Until they realize you were sleeping the whole time, and then give you angry looks every Sunday afterwards.

I fell asleep during church and nobody prayed for me. The only person that noticed was some old lady and she woke me up by throwing candy at my head.

PYLrulz 17

hey, don't complain, free candy!

Should've looked her in the eye and screamed "NOMNOMNOMNOM" and eaten it.

yo, i crash harder than a test dummy in church. |the kid|