By pandaface - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom

Today, to wipe his crack, my boyfriend is still using a newspaper that I left there when he first started refusing to buy toilet paper. FML
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your standard for boyfriend is way too low

that's kinda shitty of him


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yeah but, why don't you just buy it yourself then?

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i agree. dump him, you dont want to smell ass crack whenever you go near him. blegh!

Why dump him? You're a fucking chick if your at his house and you use the washroom regularly...shouldn't you be responsible for half the cost of toilet paper? You realize most males do not use the toilet paper when they pee right? So even if you aren't shitting at his house you are using the same amount of toilet paper as him, for when you pee, for when he takes a dump.

he's just expressing his feelings for the press

nasty and ridiculous! RUN OP!! this is not a grown man

stain much

Dude I look exactly like you!! if that is you on the pic

long lost twin brother is that you?!

I don't think he resembles Jesus at all

that's kinda shitty of him

That's a good one! I think I laughed for a good 0 seconds there. While the "shitty" jokes are old, this one is just trying too hard.

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don't be a bitch. the joke made me smile(:

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better for the enviornment.

Only if the newspaper is REcycled !

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oh it is being recycled, because he I reusing it again, again and again :)

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do you live in a hippie commune? or maybe a tent in the woods.... then yeah I see this happening

Is he just trying to save money? Why nit just bring toilet paper home from work? That's when you know you're really poor.

At least he's wiping, could be worse.

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so true! lol

Hope it is one of those newspapers where the ink doesn't come off on. Otherwise could end up with some interesting skid marks on his tighty whiteys.

your standard for boyfriend is way too low

At least he isn't doing it with towels.

Toilet clogs!!!