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By FuckfaceSteve - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom - Chester-le-street

Today, the girl I like finally replied to a text I sent a week ago. Her reply was: "Don't ever text me again, fuckface." FML
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If she's that much of a bitch, it's a good thing you're not involved


If she's that much of a bitch, it's a good thing you're not involved

We don't know the full story. We tend to side with OP but he could have very easily been harassing her/ not leaving her alone, or just being flat out rude.

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Sounds like you could do a lot better!

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i was wondering the same thing... either he truly deserved that or she's just a bitch! on to the next one, OP

"Ay baby, any nudes?" Surprised she didn't open up to that text, it was very gentlemanly.

Looks like you'd do better to pursue someone else. She doesn't sound suuuper nice.

Honestly, I don't know if this is a FML or YDI... did you do something that could have annoyed her? If not, she's a bitch... not worth your time

Yeah, I have to wonder the content of the text, as well as how he got her number.

Don't let the bitches get you down dude

I think this should tell you once and for all that she doesn't't feel the same about you. Time to move on, she doesn't sound like someone you need to waste any amount of time on. Speaking as a parent, you can do much better.

I think a headbutt is in order here