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By CRH - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, at 11 weeks pregnant, I excitedly told my best friend that my baby now has fingernails. Her response was, "You're beginning to sound like a pro-life bumper sticker." FML
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I get it, you're excited for baby. One thing you'll find becoming a mom is you'll lose some friends and gain other friends.

Pregnant women talk about being pregnant. So do the fathers (assuming they're proud fathers). I'm sure I annoyed the living fuck out of everyone around me when my wife was pregnant (both times). And now that the baby is a month old, all those people who were annoyed just want to see the baby pictures. You should just tell your "friend" to be happy for you and share in your excitement.


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she was excited.. don't be so harsh..

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She sounds happy!

1 your an asshole and if your friend can't share the joy with you and be supportive then you need to find another friend you deserve better than that! Go share the joy with your man after all he is the father

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whats wrong with pro-life? *let the huge paragraphs and debates begin*

ops friend must be jealous, that or she's just a bitch or both

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I don't see what's so bad about sounding pro-life?! would you rather her say, " jeez, I hope my baby don't scratch my vagina as its being aborted?!" so she could sound like a pro-choice bumper sticker? she is gonna be a mom, so I would hope she is excited...chick, your friend needs to get in check..

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how is this an fml?? it's not that bad!!

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why was I moderated? all I said was how is this an fml? it's not that bad.

ummm good for you?

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she wants you to shut up because she doesn't care.

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oh well

All 3 f these comments y'all are bitches for that if you don't care don't say anything! Jesus if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all!!!

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to the pregnant person it does. but to everyone else thats just useless info... but congratulations on being pregnant

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I called everybody in my phone book the first time my sons dinga ling showed up on a sonogram, and everybody was pumped....If your best friend's not that interested in you going thru your pregnancy, then that's not a friend but more like an aquiatance....

A peen is exciting news though.

I get it, you're excited for baby. One thing you'll find becoming a mom is you'll lose some friends and gain other friends.

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Hmmmm I think we all know someone like that...

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i hate babies!!! lol im that person

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I never had a problem with kids/babies till I got a job in retail. Screaming babies all the damn time. >=(

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remember, y'all were once that annoying baby you hate so much...I'm sure you had people wanting to throw something at you a time or two.

Shes just hating. stay happy and excited. its a wonderful thing and i can't wait to one day experience it myself.

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Congratulations! You should be excited about your baby's development!!

You should have said, "I'm getting an abortion, now who's pro life?"

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lol! that would've been funny!!

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me!!! in pro!!

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wtf, umm yes they do.... Educate yourself before you make such a stupid comment!

really? it was a question. dude didnt realize fetuses start without them. calm down and lay off.

You didn't realize sperm and egg don't fuse together to form a single-celled entity with fingernails?

you'd be surprised what stupid people don't realize. besides, not everyone on this site had the same education you did. for all you know, dude never had sex Ed yet. I'm not sayin it wasn't a stupid comment, but people are way to quick to get pissed because someone else had a brainfart.

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How was that a question? Oh, I get it, it has a question mark at the end.... Shit, the question would be... babies have fingernails? Once again educate yourself!

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I'll correct myself. the proper question would of been, Do babies have fingernails?

Late.. but would HAVE been..

Are you confused because you thought the friend was implying OP was wrong and that babies are born without finger nails?