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By Confused Clipboard - This FML is from back in 2016 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my math teacher explained his concern for how "clipboard" should be pronounced similar to "cupboard." I thought he was crazy. I then later found myself saying it the new way to my mother. FML
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Who else sat here mouthing; 'cupboard... clipboard... cupboard... clipboard?'


Thanks, now I'm gonna start saying it like that to everyone I know. This is the same way zombie outbreaks occur.

Ever see Pontypool?

Hopefully, you'll absorb math knowledge from this Svengali as well as you take to insane pronunciation.

feme_fatale 19

Why is this a thing?

Good thing he's not an English teacher

Jord_Fox 14

I guess your crazy to

Who else sat here mouthing; 'cupboard... clipboard... cupboard... clipboard?'

Well I just did and I'm not the first!

You're not alone

Don't worry, I used to pronounce counter as countner.

I used to pronounce Ambulance like Ambleance. Also there was an old game called Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures, but I would call it Cosmo's Cosmetic Adventures.

And that's why he teaches maths.