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By DarkAngelTorra - 22/11/2017 12:39

Today, I finally asked my man why he wasn't into sex anymore after 2 years spent with me. Turns out he just honestly thinks I'm ugly, but loves me and doesn't want it to end. FML
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PhantomCrevan 8

Did he word for word say that he thinks you are ugly or unattractive, or did he say that he doesn't find you attractive? Because the first one indicates that he thinks you are ugly, while the second makes it more likely that he is on the asexual spectrum. If he IS ace, then it could be that the sex the two of you did have early on was during a period he did experience sexual attraction, a period he had a sex drive even if he didn't have sexual attraction, it could have been something he did because he loved you and you wanted sex, or because he was worried that you would break up with him just for not wanting sex without looking at other options.