It's just another day

By wilmerjean - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I had to spend the morning and afternoon waiting for my uncle to take a crap after his hernia surgery. It never happened, and in the end I drove home, only to find the highway just as backed up as my uncle's colon. FML
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more like f his life for having an inconsiderate nephew/niece..

it couldve been worse. I bet he wasn't thrilled either


well that's gross.

The imagery of this FML is almost Poetic.

Agreed. It's beautiful.

I have the grossest look on ma face right now

Thats gunna be one hell of a shit soon

#11: I only made an FML account just to tell you how much this comment wins.

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Well props to you for staying with him so long. As for the highway... No good deed goes unpunished

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i read this FML and said "HI-OH!!" out loud

The upcoming Fleet Enema is gonna be more gross ...

What a shitty situation.

I heard sticking a long thick penis up your ass makes it easier to take a shit

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Anyone for chocolate frozen yogurt? Got a mad fucking craving for it..

Well OP, there was a nosy neighbour a few FML's up who seems to be able to tell which neighbour is doing their business by sound. When you're uncles ready, let's confuse her!

It's weird I read this FML like 3 days ago!

it couldve been worse. I bet he wasn't thrilled either

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Sounds like she had a "shitty" day (:

There was no shit involces Exactly like my situation right now. On the tpilet for 35 mins so far trying to take a shit. Excuse the typos, turned auto-correct off because it keeps changong 'MILF' to 'mild' when I try to watch porn.

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Well then correct it yourself

Having Hernias are the worst. My grandma gets them constantly. Fuck your uncles life OP :(

Having Hernias are the worst. My grandma gets them constantly. Fuck your uncles life OP :(

Agree, I feel more for the uncle here than anything.

more like f his life for having an inconsiderate nephew/niece..

the 2 thumbs down goes to show the utter crap our society is

Actually it's like 27 thumbs up now

Also I agree

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16 - where would you like these two thumbs to go then?

seriously. poor guy. He had a Hernia and you had to wait in traffic... hmmmm... yeah... YOUR life sucks. /sarcasm

And inconsiderate colon. That thing should treat him more nicely. After all, he carries it around!

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Nasty dude. And posting something like this about family? That's low

No more agreeing threads

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95 - I agree

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X.X that's just NASTY!

You've crapped bfor

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girls don't poop

I hope you get through faster than the shit.

I bet $20 on the shit

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When push comes to shove, I'd tell him to go shit on the shoulder.

I thought I was commenting on a different FML...

Shut the hell up 13. You know you have your weird fetishes and were at a moment of weakness. We understand you wanted to let it out somehow.

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Your an inconsiderate douchebag. Give the guy a break plus thats your family. Your a jerk FYL for that. I hope you get eaten by a family of rabbid raccoons.

29 does it really matter how people use their grammar??!! No it doesn't, because no one cares!!!!!!!! So just keep the corrections to yourself.

You don't know how ignorant you sound when you say nobody cares. Grammar is very important FYI.

38- Kind of . . . That's why it exists.

Gleeklove: No one cares about grammar? Really? Seems to me that Grammar Nazis care. Your teachers care. Your future boss will care. The truth is that only idiots DON'T care about grammar.

KiddNYC1O 20

38- It does. Especially since #9 made the mistake twice in their post.

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Getting rid of comment at a time.

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I know how the guy feels. I forget what it was that helped me poop. Something my mother mixed in Gatorade. Until I did that, I wasn't able to go for like 3 days. Hernia surgeries suck.

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62, I had hernia surgery too. They didn't make me wait to poo at the hospital. OP shouldn't be so damn rude. The uncle is the one who just underwent surgery and is waiting to leave the hospital so he can start a pretty painful recovery process.

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all he needs is his daily dose of fiber with fiber plus