By elcee1987 - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States - San Francisco

Today, I took my niece to the zoo. She was crying so I pointed out the chimpanzee to distract her. At the same time, he sat down and began to jack off. Now my niece won't stop making the same hand gesture. FML
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Monkey see, monkey do.

michaelaranda 28

Have fun explaining that to her parents op.


michaelaranda 28

Have fun explaining that to her parents op.

UserError94 18

Damnnnn.....monkeys are hella smart

It's an ape

26 are we talking about the chimp or the niece?

On the bright side, she did seem to be quite distracted.

orsombre_fml 11

And on the brighter side, she learnt something useful. :-)

Monkey see, monkey do.

aaargh, you beat me to it :p

So did the chimpanzee.

What are you a pirate?

yenze 18

Had to reread that i thought it said at the same time op sat down and started to jack off

how old is your niece?

It may seem hard now, but don't beat yourself up about it. She'll stop eventually. I hope things come out all right for you.

You missed the perfect opportunity to use a "cum" pun.

Chunky__Monkey23 4

And also "don't beat yourself off- I mean up- about it" 😂

At least she's not crying anymore.

At least it was your niece and not your nephew.

UserError94 18

Because jerking off is bad but getting a hand job is good..? Do you know this from first HAND experience?

I'm more curious about what her parents said!