By Steiner - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - United States - Troy

Today, my relatives won't acknowledge my existence unless I'm posting a picture of my cat. They only talk about the cat. FML
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You must have a really cool cat where's the picture.

I really don't give a shit about your FML, OP, but could you post cat pics?


You must have a really cool cat where's the picture.

Well cats are pretty cool... Not as cool as mine. (Just FYI everyone thinks their own cat is the best.. Well maybe most people, some people hate their cats to death.. Just thought I'd exacerbate this comment.)

Dogs are better

I kind of want to see the cat too o.o is that mean?

Yes. Punish yourself by sending every FML user money.

#30 ─▄▀▀▀▀▄─█──█────▄▀▀█─▄▀▀▀▀▄─█▀▀▄ ─█────█─█──█────█────█────█─█──█ ─█────█─█▀▀█────█─▄▄─█────█─█──█ ─▀▄▄▄▄▀─█──█────▀▄▄█─▀▄▄▄▄▀─█▄▄▀ ─────────▄██████▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ─────▄█████████▄───────▀▀▄▄ ──▄█████████████───────────▀▀▄ ▄██████████████─▄▀───▀▄─▀▄▄▄──▀▄ ███████████████──▄▀─▀▄▄▄▄▄▄────█ █████████████████▀█──▄█▄▄▄──────█ ███████████──█▀█──▀▄─█─█─█───────█ ████████████████───▀█─▀██▄▄──────█ █████████████████──▄─▀█▄─────▄───█ █████████████████▀███▀▀─▀▄────█──█ ████████████████──────────█──▄▀──█ ████████████████▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄──█──────█ ████████████████▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄──█──────█ ▀████████████████▀▀▀▀▀▀──────────█ ──███████████████▀▀─────█──────▄▀ ──▀█████████████────────█────▄▀ ────▀████████████▄───▄▄█▀─▄█▀ ──────▀████████████▀▀▀──▄███ ──────████████████████████─█ ─────████████████████████──█ ────████████████████████───█ ────██████████████████─────█ ────██████████████████─────█ ────██████████████████─────█ ────██████████████████─────█ ────██████████████████▄▄▄▄▄█ ─────────────█─────█─█──█─█───█ ─────────────█─────█─█──█─▀█─█▀ ─────────────█─▄█▄─█─█▀▀█──▀█▀ ─────────────██▀─▀██─█──█───█

@31 what does that mean

GTS - Google That Shit

that sucks

You've got to be kitten me.

I agree ambient dogs are cool all cats wanna do is eat me D:


Do something crazy they will talk about you then.

no please don't it will be a catastrophe.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!?

Haha 26 I get it CATastrophy

Then post a picture of Grumpy Cat saying he hates photos

Is your cats name chuck Norris?

A Chuck Norris joke posted by Rick Astley... I feel like I just stumbled into five years ago.

Grrr. Claws out!

I really don't give a shit about your FML, OP, but could you post cat pics?

Just wear a cat mask whenever you take a picture. Problem solved.

Step 1) get a gf Step 2) stop taking pictures of you with a cat Step 3) forget your relatives and do your new girlfriend!

Step 1) OP might have a GF Step 2) You can do your new girlfriend and still take pics without forgetting about your relatives Step 3) STFU

Photoshop your face on a cat's body and put a funny caption! May be creepy but could result in them noticing you.

you beat me to it :D I was going to say "photoshop your head onto the cat's body". Maybe add a caption to it, like "did you know your child just ____"....

No one should prefer cats over people....

I'm more of a dog person myself, but I will always pause and "aww" at pictures of kittens. I don't react the same when I see humans.

I prefer my cats over people. I hate being around other people. Im very antisocial and an introvert so being around people tends to drain me... there isnt anything wrong with prefering cats rather than people.

I prefer any cute fuzzy animal over humans. ESPECIALLY cats. I don't normally tend to be a people person anyways, but even if I was you bet your sweet little pippy that I'd still choose kittaaaays over people.

I prefer most animals over people, people tend to intentionally hurt each other, but not animals.

Uh, have u SEEN animals fight? I have!