Helter Skelter

By EffUrEll - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - Canada - Toronto

Today, while at work, a Beatles song came on the radio. I jokingly said, "These guys are pretty good, are they new?" Everyone thought I was being serious, and now they're convinced I'm an idiot. FML
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sugarshane007 20

Some people don't get good music humor. Sorry that your coworkers are sea to sarcasm OP!

pjmommy 9

how does not knowing an artist make you an idiot?


aaronire 19

The things people say to be the first to comment

pjmommy 9

how does not knowing an artist make you an idiot?

I wouldn't know what the Beatles sound like at all

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GiovanniPaisa 8

It doesn't make him an idiot, it makes him a victim of society!

Not knowing who the beatles are is quite a crime.

chell1894 13

Eh not knowing who the beetles are? Who cares. I wouldn't be over dramatic about it.

Maybe it's not just not knowing who they are but thinking their new when their songs are played almost everywhere?

Because we live in a society where we can't accept the reality that people have different tastes in music and ours aren't the only one that is actually good.

What's so good about the Beatles? Sorry officer, but I just don't think they're that good. Abbey Road is decent, but not much else by them is. Maybe Hey Bulldog, or Get Back. Also, Lennon was a wife beater. Consider that.

Lant 6

The are beatles are not just a band. They're not just legends.the beatles are a way of life, they're a religion.

They were a boy band. If they existed today they'd get just as much abuse as One Direction.

CharresBarkrey 15

71 is correct. If you've ever seen their live show videos, and when they first came to the U.S, their welcoming was even bigger than the boy bands today. And that's what they were back then: A boy band. Teenage girls went crazy over them.

Not knowing The Beatles makes you an idiot.

I personally don't give a shit but i understand that everyone else does.

I don't believe that OP's colleagues are branding OP as an idiot simply because OP doesn't know of the band, but of their historical significance that goes along with said band.

nikesonmyfeet_fml 5

Yeah, there were only the 275 songs they wrote, the 169 individual ones that were covered, and the fact that 'Hey Jude' sold over eight million copies as a single going for them, eh? Not much to them to be honest(!)


I see what u have to deal with OP

Your coworkers suck, sounds like it'll be a boring job OP

Same thing happens to me because as a joke whenever any Rock comes on the radio regardless of the artist I say "Man, I love AC/DC!"

sugarshane007 20

Some people don't get good music humor. Sorry that your coworkers are sea to sarcasm OP!

sugarshane007 20

Deaf not sea!! Done in by autocorrect and I failed to notice until after the edit window had closed! Agh, smart phones my ass!!

SystemofaBlink41 27

I seriously thought it was a new expression or something...

I scrolled down to find his comment, just to see what the phrase meant

TheRandomIndian 17

Maybe they just take their job too seriously for jokes and that's why they looked at you like you were stupid?

yup93 7

My apologies OP. I would have probably thought that about you too.

Tell them you not only know them, you're their Starr, and that they should form a Ringo'round you as you sing and dance.

Don't worry op. You just need a shoulder to lennon.

I'm a-Pauled that they didn't sense OP's sarcasm

the sad part is that in some other work environment people probably would believe you instead of laughing.

did you say it with a serious tone or in a joking manner?

TheRandomIndian 17

14 I think that was very creative of you

14: I'm thinking of a few choice words for you, but I learned "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". Try it sometime.

oj101 33

Oh the irony- idiots calling someone an idiot over an idiotic reason. That's like a hooker calling a promiscuous person a ****.