Happy Valentine's Day anyway

By Brokenheartz - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend of 6 months told me he was not going to celebrate Valentine's Day because it was a "capitalistic consumerism holiday." He works in a bank and helps "capitalistic consumerism" 364 days a year. FML
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364? Which one day gets left out? Also, I'm pretty sure banks are closed a lot more than 1 day a year.

And? Am I the only one who thinks it's disgusting that apparently you can't love someone without being expected to buy them $20 roses and whatnot. Gifts should be just what their name implies- something you get for free because someone else cares about you. Not something you whine about until you get because an arbitrary holiday says you deserve them. Seriously, has it ever occurred to you that if you have to whine at someone to get you a gift, or act romantic, or whatever, then they're probably just doing it to stop you bitching at them, and it's really not worth that much at all?


Congratulations? OP: That sucks.

someones jealous

I swear that there was a comment here like 2 seconds ago saying that #1 sucks

OP, without the comma (before "because"), you imply he is still going to celebrate it for other reasons.

they get moderated

@#36 who the fuck cares?

what everyone seems to be forgetting is that if the man gets the woman chocolate and flowers and all that shit, he gets steak and a bj the next day (steak n blowjob day. it's a national holiday)

I guess it's a good thing I prefer Reese Pieces

consumerism? no that's Christmas.

364? so he doesn't get any Sundays off or Christmas

What's the other 1 day??

yeah, but the bank pays him. valentine's day TAKES money. dumb bitch.

#95: so what? he gets steak HE paid for, and a blowjob that doesn't cost anything. (except over-fucking-priced chocolates and flowers, which means that blowjob can cost upwards of $100)

ahaha mind if I use that excuse lol fyl tbh honest vd I just legal prostitution

What a hypocrite, just like me! Let's go ruin Valentine's.

Valentine's Day us a goddamn joke.

honestly vday isn't ThAt big of a deal. if your boyfriend wants to show You he loves you he can do it any day he doesn't need a stupid holiday to show his love just cause halmark and zales tells you too. my boyfriend and I arnt celebrating, he shows me he loves me on a daily basis. that's all I need.

Im fairly certain that Hallmark and Zales market towards every single holiday imaginable. It's not JUST Valentine's Day.

right but they lay it on thick for valentines day. like your partner is only gonna love you if you buy her a gift on feb 14th if not you're the wrost boyfriend in the world. I'm just saying this isn't an fml because you don't need a dang holiday to show your love. THAT SHOULD BE SHOWN DAILY!

It is just as prominent for Mother's day. It's huge around Christmas. Hell, engagement ads run ALL THE TIME. As Ive said elsewhere, as relationships grow, they tend to become routine. It's just a fact of life. Having a cute holiday to do something special for the person you love is not ridiculous. Man, I would love to take a poll of all the naysayers. 1. How old are you? 2. Are you in a relationship? 3. If yes to #2, for how long? All of this crap about "you should be showing love every day" seems like it's coming from younger posters or those still in the "honeymoon phase" of their relationship.

I'm 23, and been inlove with my boyfriend for 4 years. and yes we still show our love everyday. that's why we are so happy and I don't need a holiday. I've been taught to always try to impress the one your with and show love no matter how long youve been together. so maybe we are still on a honeymoon phase after dating for 4 years and living together for 2 but I'm proud of that

Is the way you show your love new and spontaneous? I doubt it. After that long, even the spontaneity gets routine. Are you saying you would be upset if your boyfriend wanted to take you out to dinner for Valentine's day? I mean, he should just be showing you how much he loves you every day. There is no problem with celebrating Valentine's Day. Calling it a commercial holiday is ridiculous. EVERY holiday is commercial. It's not like the origins of Valentine's Day are Hallmark and jewelry stores conspiring against consumers. Do you refuse to celebrate your anniversary? I mean, it's just another day. You shouldn't show your love any more one day than another, right?

bank doesn't work on Sundays so it's 313 days of the year

so he gets one day if a year?

hehehe you all fail

1) 53 2) yes 3) married for 32 years a definite nay for valentines day!

Im 23 engaged and have been engaged for 2 years and i hate valentines day with a screaming passsion. Wheres the presents for the boyfriends that dont consist of some shit that originally for women but is now blue or something else that makes hallmark think its sutiable for men. I have told my bf that i do not wish to get anything for valentines day because frankly i suck at buying things for him and would rather cook something for him or go out to eat/cinema etc together rather than recieving some cutsey crap that neither of us really want.

#185: I never said Valentine's has to be a day of gift giving. With my ex fiance, I used to cook for us and light some candles. Something nice that only cost the amount of groceries. Anyone Ive dated knows better than to buy me jewelry because Im very minimalist with it. I wear one ring given to me by my grandmother. If I do buy a present for my SO, it's not usually something Valentine themed. Where does it ever say that's what you need to buy? It would be something catered to him (just like I do on any holiday). For the most part, though, I dont do gifts. Valentine's Day is just a time to spend with the one you love. Whether it's staying in and watching movies or going out to a nice dinner, it doesn't matter. Also, I never take Valentine's Day off (if it's during the week) and I'd never expect a bf to, either. It doesn't have to be celebrated right ON Valentine's Day. Kind of like how my bf and I celebrated Christmas a week before the holiday because we weren't going to be together.

364? Which one day gets left out? Also, I'm pretty sure banks are closed a lot more than 1 day a year.

The OP is implying that her boyfriend supports capitalism everyday of the year expect Valentine's Day.

Agreed moonfire. Valentines day is the most overrated holiday if you can even call it a holiday.

that's his job not his life style. why do u need a day to celebrate love you have 365 days to celebrate love.

1: first to admit your retarded and wet the bed at 21?

Saying 'first' is stupid. (1 point for him) Calling someone retarded is stupid, and I award you an extra half point for doing it over the Internet. (1.5 point for you) Saying "your" instead of "you're" is stupid also. (1 point for you) By my math, you are 2.5 times more stupid than the 'first' guy.

CyclonePsycho gets -9000 lame points. 8-{)

that would be 1.5 times more stupid. o_o

Girls only love hypocrites. YDI

Capitalism made this country great. What is with people?

Hating capitalism is just a fad, people have no idea what they're talking about. I'd like to hear what they suggest we replace it with.

you picked him. ydi. do something....

Will you please tell me what OP, and YDI mean?

And? Am I the only one who thinks it's disgusting that apparently you can't love someone without being expected to buy them $20 roses and whatnot. Gifts should be just what their name implies- something you get for free because someone else cares about you. Not something you whine about until you get because an arbitrary holiday says you deserve them. Seriously, has it ever occurred to you that if you have to whine at someone to get you a gift, or act romantic, or whatever, then they're probably just doing it to stop you bitching at them, and it's really not worth that much at all?

Not at all Fiicere. I don't do Valentines or Sweetest Day. Nor do I believe in obligatory gifts to prove love. A gift means more when it's not expected/demanded. BTW, why isn't there a demand that WOMEN buy MEN things on Valentines day? To the OP: If he does Valentines day for you, will you do Steak and a Blowjob Day for him on March 14? If not, consider yourself a massive hypocrite. You demand recognition of your fake, commercial holiday, he should be able to demand recognition of his. My suggestion: Save up for an inch thick porterhouse and lots of therma-care neck wraps sugar.

Exactly. Valentine's Day is boring and absolutely nothing special. I mean, I'd prefer to "celebrate my love" on any other day of the year. And not the day everyone else does. It's like being forced to be romantic and stuff because some stupid 'trend' or 'holiday' tells you to. *meh* Nah, thanks. That's not romantic to me.

I celebrate V day, but not in the traditional way. I banned my boyfriend from buying me flowers because I think they're a waste. It's just a day where we do family stuff with the children. It's a nice holiday for people who are extremely busy like we are. And no no jewelry either because I don't need a $300 necklace that I might wear once a year.

@AnneOminious: I agree about Valentine's Day being a joke. However, it gives my boyfriend and I a "good" excuse to go out on a nice date. And I do buy him things (this year: a serious card, two hilarious cards--he loves funny cards, a stuffed pug--one of his favorite dogs and the kind of dog we will be getting in our new apartment, and a tshirt hes wanted for several months now) so we can call it even and no one spends more money than the other.

I get so tired of people acting like it's ridiculous to celebrate Valentine's Day. For most people, it's just going to a nice dinner. Maybe some couples dont get the chance to go out on nice dates very often Valentine's day is fun and cute and there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying it. Quit being so damn bitter and "anti-establishment". Geez.

@Cat Unfortunately you're one of the few exceptions I've heard.

OP said her life is f***d just because her boyfriend won't celebrate Valentine's Day. Doesn't sound like an "opportunity for a nice date" to me. More like somebody's taking the whole Valentine's Day thing a bit too serious.^^ That's my definition of bitter.

Really? It sounds more like she's pointing out how absolutely conflicting his statement and his lifestyle are and is probably annoyed because she sees it for what it is: a lame excuse. I doubt she actually thinks her life is fucked. I just laugh because it has become the new "trend" to hate Valentine's Day. Apparently hating a holiday has become cool. There is nothing wrong with enjoying it. She said she wanted to celebrate Valentine's day, not that she's expecting him to buy her a ton of huge gifts. I honestly believe the hating started because of bitter single people. Now it's just become the cool thing to do.

For most, it started when companies advertised specifically for Valentine's Day, with such catchy messages like "Hey, if you don't get her diamonds, prepare to sleep on the couch" and garbage like that.

I have never seen an ad like that. Man, Ive loved Valentine's Day since I was a kid. It was always fun. Hell, I still buy the little kid valentines and give them to coworkers. Just because some people got offended by some stupid ads doesn't mean people should try to ruin it for those that actually enjoy the holiday.

His statement isn't conflicting but whatever.^^ There's no way for us to know whether it's just a lame excuse or not. And there's certainly nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day, but taking it too serious is simply ridiculous. It has nothing to do with expensive gifts or whatever. If he doesn't like it, like me (and just because I prefer having my own holiday to celebrate my love and not the same as everyone else), he should be granted his opinion. Of course he could be nice and go on a date with her anyway. But she could be less whiny and do something romantic with him on any other day as well.

The problem is that everyone assumes that's all girls want for Valentine's Day. I never ask for expensive gifts. All I want is a nice night with the man I love. Maybe a nice dinner where I get to get dressed up a little. I don't get to get dressed up for dates...like, ever. Also, add on the fact that next Tuesday Im going in for a surgery where I will be on a soft food diet for 2 months, and I want to go OUT for dinner. I told my boyfriend that I fully expect him to do something nice for me on Valentine's, but he's smart enough to know the other reasons why. He also knows that I don't expect him to spend a fortune. Nothing in this FML says that she expected him to buy her expensive gifts, and nobody in here knows what's going on in their relationship. I'd be disappointed if my bf gave me that line of crap, too!

I'm a girl and I detest valentines day. it's a complete commercial holiday. and I agree with you, men deserve to get a gift just as much as women do. people blow the whole valentines day thing completely out of control. If you really love someone, you should show them every damn day!

#74: When you get older and get into the routine of a relationship, you will understand why Valentine's Day is nice. No one goes out of their way to show their love every single day. That's just unrealistic. Eventually, relationships fall into a routine. It's nice to break the routine and do something nice for each other. There is nothing saying she expected him to pay for everything, or buy her expensive gifts. You're kind of just spewing the same BS that is so "cool" to say

#76 well said!!! I completely understand what ur saying I been with my bf 3 yrs and like u said he is not romantic everyday, but on V day we really take time to celebrate us and do stuff for eachother we normally wouldn't. BTW hope everything goes well with your surgery!

but #76 are you not still in a routine if you celebrate and go out every feb 14th? Ive been with my bf for 3 years which isnt really that long in the grand scheme of things i suppose, and as much as i like the idea around valentines days of it being a nice lovey dovey holiday and a good date night I still dislike it as it seems to put a lot of pressure on people (especially men) to make sure they have the day off work, to make sure they have a nice gift (whether their woman wants it or not i may add) Im not in any way saying that you go out on valentines day becuase you feel its expected of you but i think a lot of long term partners may do soppy things on valentines day for that very reason.

#146: Ive actually been very clear that it's not about gifts. I extort nothing. If you had read other comments of mine, you'd see that I see it as a nice date night. Whether I'm paying for it, or he is, sometimes I just enjoy going out and having a nice dinner, or even staying in. I am absolutely demanding we go out this weekend because it's kind of like my last meals....again, if you'd read above comments you would see that I go in for surgery on Tuesday and will be on a soft food diet for 2 months. other than that, it's usually me that does something special for Valentine's day. Whether or not Im in a relationship, I still celebrate. What has annoyed me throughout all the comments are people claiming it's all about getting presents or gifts. That it's just a jewelry store holiday. Im just on the other side. I don't see why people should be so hateful towards a holiday just because they think it means they have to buy things. It's just a fun cutesy holiday, and people act like it's worshipping the antichrist or something. Man, I don't know about all of you, but I had FUN as a kid on Valentine's day. Getting the cutesy little Valentines and filling them out. Making sure not to send anything to "lovey dovey" to the boys just in case they read too much into it. Picking which candy you wanted to go with it. Hell, at 27, I still buy Valentine's and hand them out to coworkers. I think it's fun. Maybe that was just a Catholic school thing, though. Who knows. I love all holidays and the little traditions that go with them. I just think it's lame that it's become so "cool" to hate Valentine's day instead of finding ways to make it fun. Just because so many have perverted the innocent fun of Valentine's day doesn't mean Im a bad person for wanting to celebrate it. The OP said nothing about wanting presents, only that he didn't even want to celebrate it.

nope. my husband and I have been together for five years. I told him early on that I feel both valentines and sweetest days are overrated and that if he really loved me he'd prove it on all the other days of the year... To this day, he has not given me anything on either day and I'm quite happy with that

also idkweird... I'm "older and in a relationship." we pick a different day to get dressed up and go out. #1 its easier to find a reservation. #2 when the twins come, it'll be easier to find a sitter and #3 we don't need an excuse to do it. We say "hey... its been a while since we had a real date. next friday night, you...me... somewhere nice." Also, my husband actually DOES go out of his way on the other days of the year. obviously not with gifts daily (granted I would kill him if he did buy gifts daily, what a waste of money), but he makes sure to say I love you every time we talk and when he has a few extra bucks here and there he'll buy me some flowers or strawberry milk or twix (don't judge... strawberry milk is freaking delish) And I've always thought VDay was overrated. even when I was a kid. Its just dumb to me, always has been, always will be.

my bank is only open 362 days a year I need to change banks ....