Grasping at straws

By lulumars - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I finally confronted my mom about how I felt about her three divorces. She then explained that she went through the divorces because I failed to keep the house clean. FML
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"Damnit the house isn't clean, honey were getting a divorce!" I don't see a logical thought process

That makes no freaking sense!


That makes no freaking sense!

I think it was more of a "I really don't care how you feel, but this house is a mess, so I'm gonna hint at you to do it."

I can kind of see it. My step sons are pretty effing messy. They're 6 and 3 so I'm not quite at the point of leaving.. But I am teaching them to clean up after themselves.

#67 they're children. Children are suppose to be messy throughout everything. I have to ask, you would leave your husband because the kids are messy? Is it cause you're not their actual mother? If so would you divorce your own biological children as well if you have them in the future because they're messy too? Or is there a special rule if they came out of your tutu?

Did you read the part where I said I'm not at the point of leaving but I'm teaching them the basic life skill of cleaning up after themselves? They're not old enough to post on FML.. If they were in their teens and still hadn't been taught to clean up after themselves, I'd seriously doubt their Father's parenting/own life skills.


"Damnit the house isn't clean, honey were getting a divorce!" I don't see a logical thought process

Jellysweetheart 23

Maybe the husbands all expected OP's mom to clean the house. She didn't feel like it so she made OP do it, and it never happened. Therefore divorce.

Goblin182 26

Classic, "Its never my fault" thought process. It doesn't have to make sense as long as it lets her place the blame elsewhere.

Because there isn't one.

If Einstein can't see a logical process then it is inexistent.

tiger1 10

Well if you were a slob a person may not feel obligated to stay in a house like that

Obligated is not used correctly sorry.

Let's say the first divorce was when OP was a child. You expect a child to keep the house spotless after themselves and parents? Then the next divorce was maybe when OP was a little older, still a kid though. You still expect OP to keep the house spotless for their parents? #4 if that's how you feel about children then I hope you never have kids of your own.

tiger1 10

No but I know if I came into the house of my new step wife and it was absolutely disgustingly dirty after a while I may and get sick of it and leave if a 15 year old (example) can't pick up after herself.

#52 your point is relevant only if the wife is a stay at home mom/wife if she works 40+ hrs a week you can't expect her to clean everything too

It's not just the daughter's job to clean the house, it's everyone who lives there responsibility as well. And OP never once mentioned that the house was "disgustingly dirty" you just assumed it was.

You could hire the op from the post above to clean your house. Word on the street is they need a summer job.

Unless you've got odontophobia. Then.. Just don't. And to OP: well that's definitely one of the reasons for her being single.. Blaming others with BS arguments. Don't feel bad!

turtlesman 7

why is this something my mom would say lol

Dammit, it looks like my parents are going to get a divorce if they see my room. I better tidy before I get yelled at and my parents get a divorce.

I'd say you're doing a good job at cleaning if she's only had 3 divorces OP.

How dare you not keep your mum's house clean! Shame on you OP!

I feel as if there may or may not be another issue of why your mother had three divorces. Unless you're a hoarder and just build castles out of garbage and take peoples things into your garbage layer, then I could see where you would be a cause.