Give us a cig, mate

By Jbs4lf - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Belgium

Today, I got punched in the face by a drunk dude because I wouldn't give him any cigarettes. I don't smoke. FML
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Wow... Whoever said YDI is a jerk. Apparently they deserved to get punched in the face for not basically sucking on cancer.

Damn drunks!


Damn drunks!

Good to see that Belgium is keeping it classy.

What a country!!!

Crazy ass white people

"I was raised by freaking belgians eh!" anyone that can guess were this is from get a cybercookie

AlaskanEskimo34 0

Classic wrong place at the wrong time

He who strikes first wins.

That sucks Op, I usually carry a pack and a rigged lighter to the bar, I don't smoke but watching drunks singe their eyebrow's is a tad amusing...

jaredjudd21 2

Quick, a drunk asks you for cigarettes what do you do.... Oops too late you just got punched in the face

Surprisingly that sounds exactly like something Peter would say. Which again reminds me of how unfunny Family Guy has become.

jaredjudd21 2

It was a reference to a joke, apparently no one has heard it oh well thumb me down

xSonic 9

I tried to support you! :)

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Wow... Whoever said YDI is a jerk. Apparently they deserved to get punched in the face for not basically sucking on cancer.

No but when coke made cherry coke that blew my mind, your picture reminded me of it so in some sense you partially helped to re-blow my mind :O

Not really, no.

Back in my day it was a cola with a taste of cherry

Glad he didn't get any drinking and smoking cigarretes is not a good combination...

Some 1 solve his profile pic lol

X is the square root of 153. :)

I hate those kind of people. One time some guy from my school asked me for a smoke so I said I don't smoke and he called me a loser ...

Well being punched in the face and called a loser is a totally different thing

6- aww you poor thing........ I think you'll be okay -_-

You should've told on him. Give that sick, twisted **** what's coming to him.

I live in a place whare drunks come up to u and crep the **** out of u just last week a guy came up to me and was flerting with mee he was a home less and he was like 65 and he was drunk

Fight back man

Smoking is bad for you.

No it isn't that's an old urban legend like racism, drug addiction, the bill or rights or apple corp.


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you should have yelled STRANGER DANGER!

I don't think OP is a 7 year old.

ElectricGhost_fml 5

still it could have worked ^_^ have some optimism

At least you don't smoke.

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Damn, you got SMOKED!