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By notmycircus - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Cincinnati

Today, the school counselor asked me to leave the grief counseling group I've being go to after the death of my sister. Apparently, I scare the others. FML
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This needs a follow up.

The counselor isnt the brightest of people....also sorry for your loss


This needs a follow up.

The counselor isnt the brightest of people....also sorry for your loss

In all fairness, you probably make them too nervous to speak their minds.

Oh dear, I'm guessing the majority of people thumbing me down have never been in a group before. Like it or not, a group is for the good of the masses. It's to help those with less severe and/or similar issues recover, depending on the subject. OP lost her sister, everybody else in attendance lost a friend/acquaintance. As I said before, a group is for the masses. OP should be having private sessions, the group should be talking through their less intense feelings on the subject without having to worry about saying something that will hurt or offend OP. The fact of the matter is, OP could be inhibiting progress just by being there. I'm not saying it's right that OP should feel rejected from help, but it's fairly common to "focus" groups so that they can help as many people as possible.

Exactly the Op probs needs one to one counselling

Could you not have one-to-one counselling?

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That's horrible. I'm really sorry for your loss.

Wow that counselor should have spoken to you on the side and tell you to come back for a one on one

Hot dogs or legs?

Seems to me that would be a reason that you should STAY in the group. Dumb reasoning on the counselor's part. Sorry for your loss, OP.

Perhaps maybe it is a group of timid people that like to pretend that everything is okay and brush things off and you don't. I've seen it. Sorry for your loss, Op.

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Condolences for your loss OP. That is an inconsiderate and unfair move, and that woman should be fired from her job. She shouldn't have the authority to deny someone help through their grief.

That's just plain rude