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Today, I skipped class to take the girl I like to the airport, and after giving her a goodbye hug I kissed her on the cheek. She laughed and said, "Maybe we should discuss some boundaries when I get back." FML
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if u are close enough to drive her to the airport, a kiss in the cheek shouldnt be such a big of a deal. it might be a european point of view though, we kiss everyone twice when we meet them the first time. u should look for another girl in any case

... Wah? "Bitch"? "Using you"? He's NOT DATING her (yet). They are FRIENDS, or at the very least, fellow schoolmates on good terms... she's not a bitch at all. If she were a bitch, she would have screamed rape and/or never spoke to him again. If she was using him... well, no, I don't see how she was using him. I would gladly take a friend to the airport if they needed me to. Why the fuck would you expect anything for a FAVOR for a FRIEND?


Well, you DID skip class, so YDI. :(

unlucky ...

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Oh don't be a twat. It's OP's life, don't go whining about a tangent. Besides, OP, don't worry about it, sounds to me like she was either joking or realised that you liked her and is letting you down gently before you got your hopes up. Either way, sounds like nothing to worry too much about, and if you think it's the latter, take the message on, or things could get very uncomfortable for her and you'd probably end up getting rejected more harshly anyway.

Just tell her you will discuss that right after she discusses how she is getting home from the airport next week....

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Aww that sucks, im sorry. FYL

While that definitely sucks that your affections aren't reciprocated, you have to admit she handled it beautifully. I wish every girl would be as whimsical about such things! Cool gal.

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Damn girl u smoking...

if u are close enough to drive her to the airport, a kiss in the cheek shouldnt be such a big of a deal. it might be a european point of view though, we kiss everyone twice when we meet them the first time. u should look for another girl in any case

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europeans are NOT a nation, saying that makes you sound like a stereotypical braindead American. people do that in Spain, probably France and Portugal from what I know.

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European is capitalized. How can you say "stereotypical braindead American" when you haven't even mastered 3rd grade grammar.


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In Europe, English is often a foreign language, too. ZING

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No one claimed Europe was a nation. Pull the culture stick out of your ass, you're just another human living on Earth, you are not better than anyone else.

hate to break it to you machete but 90% of european NATIONS give a kiss or two on the cheek to say hello. this even includes eastern europeans like russians ive seen them all do this as well. get your head out of your ass.

#45: #3 said "WE kiss everyone twice...". Which means #3 is not American, they're European. Maybe you should learn how to read more carefully...

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I'm American n I agree with you..everyone kisses my cheek :) I like it

Lol im lebanese and we kiss not 2, but 3 times haha no harm with a kiss on a the cheek that girl is just nuts lol

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goddamn forernors

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Europeans calling us steriotypical? LOL Europeans call us "fat american pigs, or even steriotype us by saying we are brain dead. Get over the fact that America won the war and y'all suck. By the way soccer is actually an English term and y'all need to stop whining about that to.

50, capitalized is spelt with a Z

Not all Europeans call you fat American pigs and you won war... Tell me another joke you guys have turned up a few years late to every war except the ones you started

In the netherlands we also give 3 kisses on the cheek. Except my grandfathers girlfriend, she slaps you with the skin flaps that are supposed to be cheeks -shiver-

To be honest they weren't our wars to begin with so a little lateness is acceptable. Also, what would you have done without us( if you are talking about the world wars) you were loosing

109 - Yeah, no it isn't. The things you spell with a Z, English people spell with an S. For example, specialized = specialised. Capitalized = capitalised. Maybe you should become a bit more of a culture vulture before you try bringing down the grammar hammer.

Yes, we really have. :(

To be honest, doesn't seem very FML-y at all.

ahh crap i meant to dislike

:...It's that moment when You start closing in First you're holding back Then surrendering It can start a fire Light up the sky Such a simple thing Do you wanna try? Are you ready to Say goodbye To all these blues? I wanna kiss a girl I wanna hold her tight And maybe make a little magic in the moonlight..." But no matter how much you want, somme girls are out of your reach, ya gotta learn that :P

Why was this hidden? It wasn't rude...

because some people don't like music on FML:(

Also because your music sucks

At least she didn't kick you in the nuts and actually was amused, instead of radically uncomfortable. Meaning, don't give up hope just yet. I once told a friend I'd like to kiss her on the cheek, she was fine with it. Yesterday I told her I liked her, and now we have future plans (long distance, and she's underage, plus a few other complications, so at the moment we're technically still "friends"). Point is, don't give up hope. There could be a window in that she took it positively.

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I'm sure pedobear approves of your story my friend.

I'm sorry, but she's just using you

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She's using him? How does that follow. So every friend who you give a ride to is "using" you? Every person you've ever liked and had the impulse to tell you love is "using" you? Get some sense.

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Yeah she is using you. Women have a very good antenna for these things and in all probability she would have known that you liked her. This point is reinforced by how nicely she let you down, she wasn't surprised so she didn't freak out and say something nasty. The fact of the matter is she used you for a free ride to the airport plus everything else you've done for her in the past and she was NEVER going to give it up. She just keeps flirting/using you to make you the P.A. she's always wanted. In the future she'll be asking for lifts to her boyfriends house, you'll see.

As a girl who's been in the situation where the guy used me, I have to say that's exactly how he acted. She most likely knew you liked her already. She's just going to give you mixed signals and possibly lead you on in the future.

Ouchie, that sucks :P

Well, if "Edward" ignores boundaries, why can't we? Stupid Twilight.

Agreed. Boundaries? What boundaries?

obviously that OMGZZZ LYK SPARKLICIOUS boundary formed by the glitter on his skin that separates his skin from the air and gives him **magical** stalker powers. durrrr

He used Radiance Ribbons body wash, obviously.

I was thinking Nivea Touch of Sparkle

You would know, Alan. (;

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I hate those stupid faries -_-

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wow...a kiss on the cheek? what a bitch... it wasnt like you tried to grope her while you hugged... to all my friends i give pecks on the lips... shes using you... :( im sorry... find a girl that will appreciate what you do for her...

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You're an idiot.