Erm, can you not?

By xxrissixx - / Sunday 18 June 2017 20:00 /
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By  RichardPencil  |  25

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  Lwint76  |  10

why is she a "shit sister" because she saved and planned a trip for herself. she did some thing for herself with her own money. obviously you do not have siblings or you would understand the desire to be your own peraon away from your brothers and sisters.

  Srxjo  |  14

Freedom? You don't know if she is always shackled with her sister on everything she does, we also don't know how old the sister is. If you was planning a trip to get some alone time and just relax and do your own thing you wouldn't be happy to be told to now look after your sister or at the very least do it all with her (which takes away the reason for wanting to go on the trip. We also don't know if she's planning on going with a boyfriend or just some friends, it just simply states she's been saving up on her own doesn't mean that there are no other people.

  chessu  |  21

Maybe it was to meet a friend, a lover elsewhere; maybe she's already going with a tight group of friends; maybe it was one of those soul searching trips etc. - we don't know what the circumstances are. Also, from the phrasing, it doesn't seem like the OP is actually against the sister coming, just the circumstances in which this might happen. Maybe OP saved some money and the sister decided not to. For me, the bigger issue would be that, I would've been saving all that money for the sake of this probably missing out on some other things, whereas the sister can now get the same trip for free? The dad should support them equally or not at all.

  RichardPencil  |  25

Let's hold on here, folks. None of us, including me, know the details behind the story and pulling "facts" out of our asses and inventing scenarios. Unless the OP comes in and fills us in on the real circumstances, we cannot intelligently judge them.

  almost_there44  |  26

If none of us know the facts, then why the hell are you bitching like a child about the sister? You don't know the reason why she wants to go by herself, but you're screaming at the top of your lungs like you're their father. Go back to making lame jokes and stop jumping to conclusions.

By  LEbleuDESreves  |  10

some people here do not understand the 'need' to travel alone without the family. Speak to your dad about tour feelings. You are saving for 'your' trip to enjoy with whom you want. He cannot impose someone upon you, even if it's your sister.

By  Lobby_Bee  |  16

Sit your dad down and tell him the truth. Tell him you don't mind going on a vacation with your sister, just not this time. If honesty doesn't work, chloroform works wonders to put someone out.

By  LunaN  |  4

just tell him you don't want her to go with you and if she gets upset then she needs to grow up and your dad needs to ask you about it first

By  Gwengreen  |  4

If you are old enough to afford such a trip you are old enough and mature enough to say No to both of them. If she isn't welcome or invited why should she want to join? Yes, traveling is great but it is no so fun when you are with people who don't want you around. Put your foot down OP.

And it sucks you have worked hard to save up and he is willing to pay her way. Ouch.

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