By 3-wheeler - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom

Today, I left my car in a disreputable area. After picking it up later on, I heard a strange "clonking" sound. The clonking suddenly stopped when my wheel fell off; someone had stolen my wheel nuts. FML
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does anybody understand how hilarious "wheel nuts" sound?

Uhhuhuh. Beavis, he said 'nuts'. Uhuhuhuh.


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1 2 many of these same fmls.

ydi for gettin your nuts stolen

haha he said nuts.

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hehe wheel

RHCP picture FTW! :) They're my 3rd favorite band. :)

For a second I thought "wheel nuts" meant those metal testes that douchebags put on the back of their pickups.

@85 Misleading FML is misleading.

Sickkid97 5

hahaha Ur wheel got nutered

u must be white.

their called lug nuts.....

I think you mean "they're". If you're going to correct someone, it's best not to sound even more ignorant in the process.

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YDI for leaving it in a disreputable area. >_>

what about it's vagina?

who stole them? lady gaga?

aww nuts . ):

that's funny cuz I just stole nuts of someones car the other day. you might have paid for my mcdonalds op

and you paid for m McDonald's ;)

that's what she said

YDI. You shouldn't leave your car somewhere like that, and if you do, ALWAYS check everything. Also, if you hear strange sounds, stop immediatly!

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who can you always check everything. like a 10 minute pre-drive check??

Wow, you are an idiot. If nothing else was stolen then why would OP expect the wheel nuts to be stolen?

I think they mean check your car if you have to leave your car in a shady area.

haha u ain't got no nuts. unless ur a girl

68 fail, and who really checks their car when coming back to it? I would think that the people that would check their cars are the ones that either can't lock their doors due to a problem with the car or the ones that have already been robbed before.

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Well if you're hearing a strange "clonk" sound when driving your car I would suspect you'd pull over and check at that point.

so just like you girlfriend, some thief stole your nuts?

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does anybody understand how hilarious "wheel nuts" sound?

purplemnm 9

yea xD

that leaves a wonderful visual in my head. like truck nuts but for wheels

Yes, it almost happened to me when I was in college. I had a flat and changed the tire and had a hell of a time getting the lugs off. I thought maybe they were rusty so I put a drop of oil from the dipstick on each lug. And I went on my merry way… A couple of weeks later I was driving and I started hearing a “clonking” sound from by coincidence that sane wheel. I stopped the car got out and didn’t notice anything at first, but looking more carefully I saw the wheel wasn’t completely straight. The lugs were hidden under the hubcap in my car. When I pried off the hubcap I saw the lugs were very loose - that was why the tire “clonked”. I jacked up the wheel and tightened the lugs well. Never put oil on a wheel lug! Anyway I never happened again in my case.

lol that's what she said...

sxychik 4

^ win! xD

damn sxychik u live up to ur name :)

sxychik 4

haha thanks :)

where u from girl?

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OH MY GOD! She deserved more than a OMG.

sxychick=fake. I've seen that pic all over the Internet.

sxychik 4

uhhhhhhhh..... this is really me..

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wow just wow that's all they took what kinda car do you have OP?

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How'd they get it off?

This whole comment section is TWSS worthy.

Uhhuhuh. Beavis, he said 'nuts'. Uhuhuhuh.

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my thoughts exactly..

they nuetered your steering wheel

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hooray for driving your crappy car... I was kinda hoping you crashed into a stop sign and got impaled by it.. that would be fml worthy

Have to admit I can't remember the last time I seen a stop sign in Birmingham...

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your ex stole your nuts honey, she keeps them in a jar of formaldahyde on the nightstand.

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That's where my wife keeps mine.