By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Virgin Islands British

Today, I saw a picture of my creepy uncle and me on Facebook, which he had captioned "Me and my woman," and posted several lewd comments on. I guess he forgot I'm his friend on Facebook. FML
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Dont talk bout your man like that

brittk23 0

Everyone has that ONE creepy uncle right?


Dont talk bout your man like that

Is your uncle Quagmire?

Who else but Quagmire?

MagicGiraffe 12

No, he didn't forget that your his friend

RochelleRedvines 8

That is not wincest.

juicystar777 4

omg! that's so creepy. protect yourself while you can. this can be the first step to something horrible he may do to you. he might rape you or kidnap you. you need to tell an adult or the police while you still can! :O

44- please stop you over exaggerate every single comment you make. honestly you're making blondes look bad.

juicystar777 4

i should take a pic of myself with a plastic bag over my head because y'all always say something about me being blonde! annywho, i'm not being a dramatic. it's better to be safe than sorry :/

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#57 - "It's better to be safe than sorry." Is that your fucking catchphrase?

ThisIsMyReign 4

57 - Then be safe. Don't comment.

xXxIracebethxXx 14


juicystar777 4

where's all this hate coming from? i apologize for trying to be nice & prevent something bad from happening?

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Geez. She's right, this guy is a creep and if he's willing to say his niece is his gf he's probably willing to do a lot more. I probably wouldnt tell the police yet since he technically hasn't done anything yet. But definitely your parents. I'm sorry people are so mean to you. That's just how people are sometimes. Try and not let it get you down.

Why are there so many people dissing her? There indeed is such a thing as molestation by family. It is not unheard of and it seems completely possible to OP. She really should talk to her mother and father and possibly think of getting a restraining order against said uncle. Things like this happen every day. Be careful

79, Please do.

juicystar777 4

82 & 85, awe thank you guys!! :)

What's with everyone replying to the top comment?

I don't understand why everyone is picking on juicystar. If you read her comments she was only just being nice. What is she supposed to say haha sucks to be you? I mean come on, she was only giving friendly advice. So calm down people :)

cc_the_beast 6

Juicystar-you're not doing much for the blonde cause by suggesting you put a plastic bag on your head either. Think about it.

Paper bag; used to hide ugly faces. Plastic bag; used to suffocate idiots. I thought you'd have gone for the paper, personally.

doglover339 4

44 may be a little dramatic but she's right...op should probably tell someone abt this because this is just not right....

57- If you do, make sure you close the bag really tight around you mouth/neck

You should take a picture of the screen, just in case he realizes his mistake and changes it. I know that sounds weird, but if ever gets to the point where you need to report him you will want some sort of proof.

The reason is that her overreaction and assumption of the worst is totally uncalled for.

Feed the troll, people... I'll just watch from aside.

I support jucystar short of calling the police +- a random adult. Definitely tell your family though. It's worrying that he thinks of you in that sick way. What does he like to do to his girls? What would he like to do to you? *shivers*

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Maybe her uncle is Jerry Sandusky...

LIm just saying, adding in "he might rape you" is very uncalled for. I know you probubly didn't think when you wrote that but joking around about something like that is very rude. Don't scare the poor girl, i would just tell which parent's side hes on and get his ass disowned!

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Gotta love arguments on FML. FYLs

Oh Jeez people. Leave juicystar alone. She comments. Maybe she dramatizes. It's a freakin' site to come to for laughs. Let it be!

Take a pic of ur tits everyone especially me will listen then even if ur wrong or not

Oh my god. That's Excalibur

Why did your comment get down voted

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I wish I could thumb up this comment more than once.... XD

Im blonde, but im pretty cautious myself.. Id say be careful, but I think it's just that one creepy uncle that every one has :P

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I don't have a creepy uncle. Except he locks me in his room, turns the lights off and I hear weird noises. He tells my mom we're bonding

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Well you're just charming aren't you? Geez you're even worse than the uncle.

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Everyone has that ONE creepy uncle right?

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Yes, actually, I have a couple of 'em.

Yes, I am that creepy uncle.

Mine is my husbands uncle. Socially awkward and creepy. He posted on his Facebook a link to a porn website with "Wishing you a Horny Christmas" -_- and the proceeded to like a bunch of my pictures via Zoosk

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What a creep, I'd tell him your relationship is off now!

Yes; mine's in jail, no lie.

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My creepy uncle had a baby with a 13 year old when he was 20. He also thinks he is a pro wrestler.

#89--That's creepy O.O

Alexisthebestest 16

92- Very. It's always awkward visiting him, because he wants to show me his wrestling moves.

Creepy or total douchebag? Because I've got one that's a total jerk

My creepy uncle enjoys slapping my bum after a few beer and attempting to play footsie with me, at Christmas dinner. O_o

134- For my family, usually the uncles are either perverted and or have alcohol dependencies, or are super awesome. Many of aunties at times are wicked, vicious, real house-wives type, flat out meanies. But that's just my family. (:

MerrikBarbarian 9

No creepy uncle here. They are just stoners. One creepy aunt though and a cousin who stalked me and wrote love poems and asked me out though. Oh the joys of messed up families. :p Oh and yes, I collect skulls and I'm still more normal then most of my family. Probably a sad statement there lol

No, but my girlfriend does. Her uncle posted pictures of me on his Facebook. I've never met him.

quite_bored 9

If you can't identify the creepy uncle, YOU are the creepy uncle.

ephex 0

What in the actual mother fuck...

abigailtaylor 1

#3 I don't. Haha

I know this is a year late, but I just wanted to add a creepy uncle. My boyfriend's brother's girlfriend's uncle once came up to me and my boyfriend's sister, tried to squeeze my boobs, then said we are definitely old and good looking enough to get with him for some fun. We were at a fair my city has called Chickfest. I would not leave my boyfriend's side for the rest of the day, and she wouldn't leave hers. We were scared shitless of that man.

Time to unfriend him methinks

Time to defriend him and stay as far away from him as possible!

cutiepie111 3

Well, your uncle sounds interesting.

bizarre_ftw 21

Family get togethers must be fun

Especially for OP's uncle. Uncle - "Ok woman, gather around for a picture"." Niece - "Why?" Uncle - "To show people on Facebook how many bitches I got." Niece - "Sorry, didn't catch that." Uncle - "I said to show my friends me and my wonderful nieces." Niece - "Seems legit. Okay gather around!" Uncle's face : (^_^)/

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That's creepy, confront him and tell your parents something. Incest is wrong.

So's being a creepy fucker, related or not. I'm gonna go sacrifice a goat to the gods in thanks for my family being non-creepy, even if they are batshit at times.

I'm solely thumbing you up because of your abs.

Why thumb him down? He should be proud of his washboard abs even if you're ashamed of your keg :/

I'm solely thumbing you down because of your abs.

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Yum :)

51- I personally døn't like body builders, plus if someone wants to see his abs they should chat with him and ask. I'm a girl whø is NØT fat, by the way.

Devin91 20

I'm proud of my body, and feel confident so thumb me down all you want, and 45 thanks(:

That's fairly easy going on the scale of body building, given what mutants the high end contestants look like. I think its a decent set of muscles that obviously took work to achieve. Oh, and OP needs to report her uncle to her family.

It's not incest if it's by marriage. But you can still be a creepy uncle.

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dont say that in kansas u might get jumped

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... How is 69's comment related to... anything? Including the OP and the lewd connotations of their post number?

What, did people somehow not get what I said? If the uncle is so through marriage, he's not related to her by blood. Hopefully that's not the simple concept people missed in my other comment.

Because if the uncle were married to the "blood-related aunt" then I don't think he'd be putting up pictures of him with his niece saying "Me and my woman." Considering his wife would more than likely see it and freak out. Though you are correct, if a man were to marry (for example) the OP's father's sister (blood aunt), it would not be incest between him and said OP. However, I seriously doubt she A) wants that kind of attention for him, and B) that he's related through marriage due to the previous reasoning.

Last thing you want is to go near the creep; just show your folks the post... It's their sibling and their duty to protect you!!!

138 - that's still assuming the wife isnt dead, nor the uncle isn't controlling of his wife, or he simply doesn't care. There's a lot to assume without information, and I was originally making a quip.

Call him out on it and make him look like the creepy fucker he is.

Comment all those photos. Say "hi uncle" and "I remember this photo from whatever family event uncle"

Comment on it and refer to him as your sexy beast

Pretty sure adding fuel to this fire might make things worse and give the creep the wrong idea.

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The purpose of saying that would be so you could achieve maximum creepy level and let him know you saw the post

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I spank myself!!!

Dammit -___- ....Good profile pic 9....

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*shudders* -____-

Politely inform him you're not into incest. Then run far, far away.