By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff

Today, after constant avoidance, I saw the man who slept with my mother and caused my parents to get divorced. I desperately wanted to punch him in the face, but instead I had to smile and shake his hand as he gave me my diploma. FML
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I hate to be 'that person' but I'd be more angry at your mum because she's the one who cheated? I mean, she didn't have to do that.

Oh God, that's horrible. Congratulations on your graduation, though! Maybe afterward you can beat him up in the parking lot.


Oh God, that's horrible. Congratulations on your graduation, though! Maybe afterward you can beat him up in the parking lot.

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I like the way you think, I was thinking something more along the lines of a grab the diploma and hit and run, but the man is not the only person in the wrong.

Yes beat him up, because attacking a man, just because the woman he slept with was the one who decided it'd be fun to cheat, is so justified!

i agree with #78 it wasnt just him that caused the divorce...

I would bet OP is very angry at his mother and I would guess that means they don't talk which for her is worse than being decked. This guy doesn't give a **** and probably deserves it. I could be wrong and he's just pointing fingers at the wrong dude. In which case he really needs to reevaluate his anger at the situation. However I really doubt that this jackal is the only recipient of OPs fury at the whole situation.

Why would he want to use violence on a random person? The one who was responsible for the divorce, was his mum. Nobody else. But I guess it's a "man thing" to beat up random people for shit they didn't do. Welcome to America!

@149, what are you talking about? It isn't just some random person. It's the man who slept with his mom. Also, what's wrong with America? This stuff could happen no matter what country you live in.

"What's wrong with America?" Is that a serious question?

Wait until you are out of school and then punch him

This just went the complete opposite of where I thought it was going. I think this was the best put fml ever. secondly it's not his fault it's her mom's. place blame in the right place. her mom was supposed to be loyal in her marriage not him.

48: I mean, your argument is based off of a lot of assumption and not so much fact. He could also be married, he could (and probably did) know about her being married, and is most likely a ********.

#48 - Its not JUST up to married people to stay faithful. In my opinion, it's a pretty good idea to stay away from married people. Anyone who doesn't see anything wrong in sleeping with someone else's wife/husband is a complete dick.

Yes but I don't see people telling op to harm his mother as well or even op blaming his mother. He said that the GUY caused the divorce and it's not really true. His mother decided to cheat, he just happened to be the guy she did it with.

#69: Your whole comment contradicted itself.

#69 you say not to make assumptions then make assumptions.

punch your mother instead, she's the only one responsible

I completely agree with 48 and 96. She is an adult she has to take responsibility for her actions. He may be a dick or she might have seduced him, but we don't know that. The only way she has no responsibility is if it was against her will and I pray that's not the case.

The FML states that the "man" had "caused his parents to divorce". Which inherently creates the possible implication that the divorce came after the cheating. So, the man is well in blame, as well as the mother.

what if his mom is the reason he's getting the diploma?

At least you won't have to see him again! FYL though :(

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Unless he knocked her up. Then OP will be seeing quite a bit of him.

You should of embarrassed him in front of the crowd.

Some schools anymore keep your diploma until after the ceremony to keep kids from acting out during graduation

the thibg with that, if you fulfill all graduation requirements, legally they cant keep the diploma from you. its more of an empty threat

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#63, yeah, this guy's only friend is his trusty hand.

I hate to be 'that person' but I'd be more angry at your mum because she's the one who cheated? I mean, she didn't have to do that.

Exactly! As the (cheesy) saying goes.. "It takes two to tango." OP's mom is the bigger perpetrator of that divorce, since she was the one who was required to be faithful.

I agree. Did you want to punch your mother in the face for cheating and causing the divorce? It takes two to tango and dumping all the blame on the other party isn't exactly fair.

Agreed. The mother is just as guilty, if not more.

But that would require admitting a woman has agency and isn't just a slave to what a man wants!

Plot twist - 'the man' was actually just OPs father...

while I agree that it was the mother's responsibility to remain faithful in her marriage, it is not only the administrator's reponsibility to remain professional (I'm assuming he knew it was a parent of one of his students). not to mention, he could've very well known that she was married and still went for her

36: Then wouldn't OP of recognized them?

I completely agree. If it wasn't him, it would have been someone else.

Did you ever think that it might possibly have been forced. Like if she didn't he would kill her or do something to harm her or her family

I completely agree. Op's mom is the one that cheated and decided her marriage was over. Chances are if it wasn't the principle/teacher, she would've gotten into a relationship with someone else. Op, your mom is the one that caused your parents to divorce, not the other guy. Your mom was the one that cheated, and she's where the blame lies. The principle/teacher is an ass for getting involved with a married person, for sure, but your mom is the one that cheated and ruined the sanctity of her marriage. You need to re-examine where the blame lies, and then you need to learn how to deal with that anger. Maybe you need to talk to someone, or maybe just work it out between yourself or yourself and your mom, but either way I think you need to try and accept that your parents marriage is out of your control. Good luck op.

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@100...That isn't cheating then. OP said that his mom cheated, not that she was raped.

Agreed. Only the people in the relationship are responsible for it.

It never once says cheated in the post #118

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#181 If she didn't cheat, why would they have gotten a divorce? The correct assumption is almost always the most obvious one.

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Indeed, #7 is right. In all honesty, this guy probably didn't know she was married for a while, and from your FML it seems like the affair has stopped. In other commentary, your parents probably already had problems in their marriage before this. Cheating doesn't usually just happen on a whim, there are motivations behind it. Not good ones for the most part, but still motivations.

Cheating isn't excusable. If he didn't give her love, then she should of divorced him. I feel like this thought is sexist. Would you say a man can be excused for cheating because his wife doesn't give him enough love?

Now you don't have to worry about getting in trouble as you tell all the other kids how much of a little **** the man really is

There there, Grandma Berta, I'm sure he was. Now take your medicine. That's a good girl.

Hmm OP, your mom chose to cheat on her husband. It's as much her fault as this guy...