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By Username - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my son invited his girlfriend over to our house, just to break up with her. Then he asked me to drive her home. I was then stuck in a car with a bawling teenage girl who lived over twenty minutes away. FML
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At least he does it face to face.

That awkward moment when you have an awkward moment.


that's not too bad. yeah it's awkward but not fml worthy.

At least he does it face to face.

should have just been a real man and did it over Facebook, or got caught fucking her sister

MrsBurnem, please burn both yours and Burninnapalm's face with burning napalm!

Its the least you could have done after getting her heart broken, have a heart.

did he get sum head or sum tite vergin poontang n buss off fo he leaf? KEKEKEKE

18: Just tailed beast bomb their asses!:p

I'm pretty sure 8 and 16 were being sarcastic. Forty-seven people clearly didn't notice that.

but she had nothing to do with it. b fair

well thats better than my break up method where I treat them like crap until they leave me

seanders - Naruto references always win! OP, fyl. Completely agree with 1's comment.

wtf are you talking about?

68 - I'm glad someone got the joke... find it funny that people on here don't get humor

I'm with 68. 8 and 16 are hilarious. Napalm? That's funny too, if you're that insensitive...

today the girl i like and have been talking to, said no to me asking will you be my girlfriend, this wouldnt be so bad if she hasnt been leading me on for the last week. FML

126 - Same things happened to me once or twice but I don't care. I just stop talking to them.

whoa a week, your life is over now isn't it?

65 Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

you, my friend, are a dick. and your lack of one, should make you shut up and think about what you say, BEFORE you say it.

that was to 8 btw.

really? *points to my second subpost* did I not just say I just joking and being sarcastic? learn to read everything in it's entirety before making assumptions there, sweet cheeks.

126 maybe it's because she found out you don't like rap...

ur 17 and u ask girls to "b it gf"? just ask her on a date!

your a pussy bitch, you don't break up with someone via text

More like an FML for the girl.

Next time, tell your son to plan ahead and not break up with a girl at his house. Make him drive her home.

seems like he's too young to drive....perhaps too young to date as well given his refusal to consider the effect his actions may have on others, such as his mother.

i agree. and go teach your son some manners.

that's not nice :( you're son is a douche

89- your* possessive form dumbass.

Oh no! They made a silly mistake with the word your. Let's freak out and call them a dumbass why don't we?

shutup jess6blondie, 89 was being a douche, so iluvhobos had to try and own him. just cus u thought she was being annoying, doesn't mean everyone else does too. it wasn't about the grammar, it was about the principal of trying to own someone.

136: Capitalization fail, shut up is not one word, cause*, and you*. I'm sorry, it's just the principal you know. I'm sure you understand.

what a little bastard... I'd kick his bum..

94- So, I hear there's this thing, called a typo. You've probably never heard of it. Just because they made a mistake doesn't instantly make them a dumbass.

142 it's "because" not " cause"

146: *because.

That awkward moment when you have an awkward moment.

your hot :)

haha! good one

austin mahone?i loveee him

Not even close to funny...

omgg I know Austin mahone is fine(;

177, he's from my hometown.

Should have made him man up and take her home himself instead of dumping his problems on you

well maybe he's not old enough to drive yet... but if he is old enough to drive then yes he should man up.

I would have made him come along for the ride.

Sorry, didn't know that...i'm ignorant... ;(

Why at his house?? maybe at school or sumthin...

School's out for summer. School's out forever!

you ever been broken up with a school? it sucks especially with all that teen angst already flowing through your blood it makes it even more unbearable.

Sorry! not trying to be sarcastic! :(

#40 just cause school is out doesn't mean the facility can't be used. Heck even a bench outside the school.

44: your picture is creepy...

But it's Old Greg! he likes doing water colours, drinking baileys and going to clubs where people wee on each other! he's not creepy at all.

You know what silences teenage girls? My di.. OH, "teenage", nevermind.

Wow. That's not creepy at all.

Oh yeah my didgeridoo gets 'em every time

27's picture is creepier ..

Your disco album?

Teenage girls will never embrace disco :(

so wrong in so many ways!!

41- no one wants to see your duckface

Some people might want to see 41's duckface.

95: No one wants to see down your shirt either, so shut the fuck up.

They might 75. They have embraced techno. All they had to do was add strange noises and rename it dubstep and suddenly techno is "cool" again.

112, I need to disagree with you: I want to see down her shirt D:


You know, I got banned for a week for commenting on a girl's picture. I was banned within two minutes, yet none of you have been banned or had comments removed. Honestly, I don't care about your pictures, just the FML

Sorry to say but.... Your son is stupid!

If he's old enough for a girlfriend he should have either taken her home himself or he should have ridden with you. You gave him an easy out from his responsibility. Who's the parent?

Lots of people date before the age of 16.

Those kids turn into sluts

that's what you get for having your thirty year old son still live at home, creeping on underaged girls

be happy ur car didn't break down on the way!