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Today, I had a job interview. I was asked what my dream job would be. I blurted out, "The president, because I think it's a very cool and important job." I don't think I'm getting this one. FML
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Well with the current candidates, we might need you OP. OP for 2016!

"uh I mean the president of this company"


Well with the current candidates, we might need you OP. OP for 2016!

Agreed. Run for the GOP OP, you can't be worse than the current field.

Anyone is better than Trump

Bernie Sanders ?

I believe that trump has his ideals down. China built a wall and they don't have any Mexicans. I'm joking here. I fully agree with your statement

They do, they're just in disguise

I'd vote for OP! I'm a Canadian though so I can't. :(

tounces7 27

Sanders is vastly better than Trump, yes. Frankly I took a dump yesterday that would make a better president than Trump.

tounces7's dump for president 2016!!

"uh I mean the president of this company"

I'm not sure that is the best save - its kind of like saying "I want to be your boss". Nobody wants to hear that at a jobinterview. Actually, I can't think of a single thing to say that would save this terrible answer.

"In the future of course, I meant no disrespect. I see that I could potentially spend many years here." Saved you negative Nancy.

tounces7 27

I'm pretty sure most RESPECTABLE companies WANT their applicants to have the ambition to become the next CEO or president. I mean, unless OP is applying at Wal-mart or something where they just want you to remain lowly grunt forever.

The interviewer may have noticed you're nervous and may brush it off- don't lose hope yet you could get the job still!

Was you interview for Trump's campaign advisor?

That would be awesome! Op would fit right in - unless Trump is one of those people who can't stand other people like him.

I don't see anything in OP's post that indicates he would deserve the hell of working with that narcissistic asshole. Especially since being President is almost objectively a 'cool' job, because of these reasons: "Since 2001, the president has earned a $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment. The most recent raise in salary was approved by Congress and President Bill Clinton in 1999 and went into effect in 2001." That quote references Wikipedia's page on the President of the USA, for the record.

Well aren't you fun at parties.

You should have said you meant the president of the company.

Maybe they'll interpret that as showing ambition. The "dream job" you share does not need to be related to the job you're applying to. Honestly that probably sounds less contrived than "ah yes my dream job is the next step up the ladder I'm applying to." Plus that shows some character, why not dream big?

Sounds like something Trump would say.

I think Trump's justification for wanting to be President would be, "So I can make laws to make all the people that aren't part of my super narrow and bigoted view completely miserable."

I was actually told by a company that he wasn't even going to submit my application. In his words "because if I turn this in you'd have my job in less that a year."

I'm pretty damned sure that's illegal. Though with a statement like that you should have his job right now.

Mathalamus 24

How is it illegal to discard an application? It's not like they can go through every single one.

The reasoning behind discarding the application is surely illegal? Or at least against policy

Even if it isn't illegal, it would probably piss off any workers' rights group. It also would probably piss off the CEO because if #12 was skilled enough to be advanced to his interviewer's job so quickly it would mean that they would have been a more efficient worker. So the interviewer cost the company money by not hiring #12. And company leaders usually get a bit annoyed when they lose money.

Hey, if a pathological liar and a tantrum throwing rich kid can be presidential front runners, then I think you've got a pretty shot, OP.

Oh, America...

Isn't that the perquisite for running for POTUS? That pretty much sums up our last dozen presidents, including our current one.

Some are worse than others, and the current two front runners are worse by far. And excusing it by saying that all other politicians are like that is what is allowing the situation to continue.

sugarytrevor 8

Maybe they'll approach your ambition