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Today, I told my college friend that I considered her to be my best friend. She responded, "I don't think you should call me that." FML
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Yeah the best friends thing is tricky. I have a person that always calls me her best friend when I don't necessarily consider her to be mine. I took the opposite route of your college friend and didn't say anything so now my friend is convinced that I think she's my best friend. It's a double edged sword.

on the flip side she might have a secret crush on you and if you see her as a best friend then you cant see her as a lover so she doesn't want you to call her that....


Rude! I've been called clingy and obsessive.

Well, there may be a reason she said that. Could be she did some back-stabbing thing to you, like fuck your boyfriend or spread an ugly rumor, or maybe she secretly hates you. All things that my once "best" friends have done to me. So she could be doing you a favor by telling you not to consider her your best friend.

Not best friend your very best friend right?

Very best SPECIAL friend...