By zzz - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Canada - Campbell River

Today, I was nicknamed "Sandman." Not after the badass Spider-Man villain but rather because my personality is so boring it puts people to sleep. FML
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This is the most boring FML I've ever read..,

At least you won't have a problem with putting your future children to sleep? Just trying to stay positive!


At least you won't have a problem with putting your future children to sleep? Just trying to stay positive!

Wasn't the Sandman the guy who protected little kids from nightmares and gave them good dreams? I didn't think he was a villain...

I'd never even heard of the Sandman (non-Spider-Man) until Guardians came out... Maybe it's just my generation? Anyways, I don't blame OP for thinking of the Spider-Man villain.

What are you? 10? Ive known about the sandman since 2000 when i was 6

No, it's not a generational thing. I knew who the Sandman was from the age of about seven.

Well then, maybe it's a regional thing. (I'm 15)

I'm 16, seventeen in February. So perhaps.


#25 Mr. sandman is just another fairy tail like Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. It's supposed to be a man that comes into your bedroom at night and sprinkles your eyes with sand and it enables you to dream. If you wake up in the morning with "Sand" (it's just mucus) in the corner of your eyes it means he came and you had a dream. If you don't, then he didn't come and you didn't dream. (I'm 15 I've known about him from looney toons from when I was younger)

He's saying the villain from the marvel comic Spider-Man. The sandman is that man who can turn into sand, and he is,in fact, a villain.

Also, I'm from BC, just like OP... I think the regional thing makes sense.

This is the most boring FML I've ever read..,

Agreed. Not even really that much of an FML moment

Look at this if you babysit you can put children to sleep! Kids asleep equals happy parents. Which could mean you make out like a bandit! Seriously OP invest in the best babysitter.

31- Look at this, if you comment on your own instead of trying to achieve FML fame by commenting on a thread ... You wouldn't get thumbed down. Proper commenting = Happy commenters

No one ever views posts past 20 so I result to this

^ Of course people look at posts that above 20. Thread jacking isn't going to get you anywhere you tit.

Zzz zzz zzz *snores* zzz zzz zz...

Cause sand is the first thing boring people remind me of

Perhaps it's time to spice up your personality by becoming a villain.

The sandman is such a lame villain though

He should join the dark side I hear they have cookies.

Awkward moment when you actually wanted to be The Joker...

So then people believe that he's a mass-murdering, psychopathic clown? I think I'd rather be the Sandman.

Awkward moment when you think a comment will get thumbed up, but it doesn't.

Point proven, trying to be The Joker never works for me. Oh well, I embrace my failure ... *grabs chair and takes the FML walk of shame*

You're not even within the right comic franchise. Sandman is Marvel, the Joker is DC.

47 - Oh the irony.

Sleep with one eye open Gripping your pillow tight

I love that song. See, OP, think of that, and it's not quite as boring.

Exit light, enter night. We're off to never never land. Haha but OP, that's still a pretty badass nickname. Better than Rainbow or Butterfly.

"Mr. Sandman bring me a dream. Bam, bam, bam, bam. Make him the cutest that I've vet seen!" that song's probably to old for anyone to get the reference. (Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes)

I see nothing wrong with the nickname Sandman. Embrace it, OP. Enjoy epic Metallica tunes.

No 48, that song is what I thought of too!

I always like when Enslaved comments with lyrics. You have a wonderful taste in music.

The song "Mr. Sandman" reminds me of the movie, "Back to the Future" because that's what was playing when Marty walked into town in shock! (:

I was looking for a Metallica reference. Good work

Thank you Call!(: I often get them thumbed down. I guess some people just get sick of my type of replies. But that's just the way my mind thinks when I read some of these FMLs. :P

At least it's not Hover Hand.

No, that's not why! You've misunderstood everyone! It's actually because you're so irritating you make everyone around you feel they have sand in their crotch. I'm glad I was able to clear this up for you.

Like that's any better:) I'd rather be boring than irritating.

I have the nickname sandman as well, not because I'm boring, but because I'm Middle Eastern... True story.

Irritating people is fun!

You tried a little too hard on this one

Better than being Venom and scaring the shit out of everyone

You should make it into a business. You'd be getting paid to stand in a room and stare at someone. Edgar Allen Poe would envy you. Well, maybe not completely. Is your cousin hot?

Knowing how your mind works, there's more to your comment than meets the eye. I just wish I understood it. ):

I was referencing 'The Tell Tale Heart', where a serial killer spends his evenings hiding in a man's room and staring at him before the man goes to bed. He eventually kills him, dismembers him and hides his body parts under the floorboards. When the police arrive, the sound of the victim's beating heart breaks the murderer to confess. My cousin comment was a reference to Edgar marrying his cousin. He was a very disturbed man.

I can understand the end at least. Poe is notoriously know for marrying his thirteen year old cousin. ...And nevermind. Ninja'd.

We all know about Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his cousin but so did. .. Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin The list goes on. :P And whoa! Haha

Edgar Allen Poe was creepily obsessed with death, dying and dead girls. I read the Tell Tale Heart and it is creepy.