By rufusthepenis / Sunday 2 October 2011 22:57 / United Kingdom
By bastard magnet / Sunday 2 October 2011 22:14 / United States
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FML - The follow-up

Today, I was at my job in the Halloween store. I had to tell someone, "Please stop hitting the Bieber wig with that pimp cane." FML

katt_is_here Say more :
Clarification time I guess. The wig was still in the bag as it was at the store. The pimp cane was another item sold at the store. I chose brevity in the FML for impact. No pun intended. I should add that I was dressed as zombie Amy Winehouse at the time so I had a horrible beehive wig on. It was a very interesting evening.
By katt_is_here - / Sunday 2 October 2011 05:15 / United States
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