WTF dude?

By shit - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I found my drunken roommate asleep in my bed, naked, after he'd peed himself. FML
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mylifeisnotfuckd 0

haha thats just flat out funny

Negrodamus666 0

I hope you made him at least clean it up the next morning, early, while he was good and hung over. Or went into his room and pissed his bed.


mylifeisnotfuckd 0

haha thats just flat out funny

LOL FYL. Move out!

MetalCraze 11

yeah this is when you shave his head and write i like boycock on his face in permenant marker

bettadenne1 0

damn tht sux hommie 

I've fallen asleep while both taking a dump an going pee. Two of the most embarrassing pictures ever xD

OasC82 0

That's when you piss on him and pour hot candle wax on him, then shit in his bed.

theodore214 0

LMAO that is better than the FML LOL

lol # 10 this is some tough crap

Aww. ^ Agreed. xD

Oh gross. Poor cousin. ): That must have been reallyyyy awkward.