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By Bye Bye Toast - This FML is from back in 2019 but it's good stuff

Today, I came home from a funeral to find that my mother had cleaned my house. She thought it would be a good idea to put my toaster in the dishwasher to clean it. My toaster is fried, and she thinks everything's fine. FML
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she may be in the early stages of dementia

Your mom is an idiot! Your toaster shouldn’t be fried — it should be toasted! Duh!


Your mom is an idiot! Your toaster shouldn’t be fried — it should be toasted! Duh!

she may be in the early stages of dementia

julfunky 29

You lost a toaster — you’ll get over it. Just appreciate the fact that your mother was trying to help. Edit: Unless it wasn’t motivated by her desire to help but instead a desire to control. That’s a completely different scenario.

tounces7 27

I'm a bit curious how it got fried. I mean did she leave it plugged in when she put it in there or what? Otherwise water shouldn't do all that much to it, it's just plastic and metal.

Alup132 22

You do know that electronics, even when powered off, don’t go well with water, right?

it woulda been fried as soon as he plugged it in, assuming the water and soap didn't rust anything before that.

Most toasters aren’t “electronics.” Electrical, yes. Electronics, no. If there’s no computerized parts, just let it completely dry before plugging it in and it should be fine. (I went to school for four years for electro-mechanical technologies)

Was it plugged in when she washed it? No? Then it will be fine. Make sure it's well dried out before plugging it back in.

assuming there's no rust, warping from heat, or damage from the soap, ya odds are it's busted.

Toasters get a LOT hotter than a dishwasher. There’ll be no “warping from heat”.

You should have a funeral for the toaster.

A toaster won't be ruined by putting it in the dishwasher unless you are just as unthoughtful as your mom, and plugged it in while still wet. Heating elements do not get water damaged easily. Think stove. They can, however, short out if you plug them in while still wet.

randybryant799 20

I read these stores all the time. Why do people's parents have access to their houses? And why do they always destroy something?