By Vexatious - 22/05/2015 16:27 - United States - Salisbury

Today, was my first experience having sex. It was also my first experience with a condom breaking. FML
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About 9 months and it'll be your first experience with a baby.


MzZombicidal 36

Good first lesson: always have back-up!

A lot of the time, condoms break at the end because the "user" didn't leave enough space or left a air pocket at the tip. I'm guessing it was a bit late for a backup.

Unless you mean backup as in the girl also taking birth control, cuz that would be good too haha

MzZombicidal 36

Yeah, birth control is actually what I meant. Lol. Condoms aren't 100% effective so it's best to basically use multiple forms of control to make sure you're actually having safe sex! :)

Loveyou6611 20

You could always get the day after pill too

And never keep them in places that can get really hot, like a wallet. Read up on condoms, OP.

Even so, I'm pretty sure there's still a chance of a condom breaking, even under ideal conditions.

Yeah it's happened to me before with a brand new box of Durex. Shit happens.

Ted_brosby 4

Never use Durex. Ever. Trojan is the way to go.

mansfield_j 27

That's your problem right there. Durex is a crappy brand.

Loveyou6611 20

lube is your friend. If you go in too dry it will break. Durex is good for just preventing pregnancy, if your not sure about his health(STDs) go with Trojan.

@52 You say that, but I'm a Trojan baby. I honestly haven't heard many people say they're Durex baby or the like. I always hear Trojan baby.

Durex isn't a crappy brand at all... where the hell did you pull that from? It's literally the best selling condom brand in the world. Trojan is an American brand, and I'm not importing my condoms. There's nothing wrong with Durex, all condoms can break and I haven't gotten pregnant yet, or an STD, so I think i'll stick with them.

ShannonBitt 29

#111 maybe Trojan baby is used as a general term for a baby born because of a broken condom? I've honestly never heard it before, but really how many people know the brand of condom used when they were conceived?

lexiieeex3 32

You only have 48 hours to take Plan B so I'd get right on that... Better safe than sorry.

christge1beast 17

Morning after pill man. If she wasn't already on birth control.

Even if she was, still better to take morning after with the birth control. Can't use too much protection really.

crackyeggy 9

Wrong, wrong wrong wrong. Do NOT take Plan B if you are on birth control please.

You can, but only if your pharmacist approves it

Morning after pill and research how to put on a condom and getting the right sized condom. Good luck on further sexual adventures

they are 1mm thick the fact that they hold at all is amazing even under ideal conditions

As for how to put them on, just an FYI if you didn't know. There are instructions on the inside of the box. Can't imagine watching an instructional video, that could be rather disturbing..

lol if a condom was 1mm thick you wouldn't feel shit that's like an armor for penis I think you mean 0.1mm

xRiverSongx 17

Penis armor, now in a store near you!

About 9 months and it'll be your first experience with a baby.

Or in less than half that time, it can be their first experience with an abortion.

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Happy Father's day then. =/