By you win again Dr.Google.... you win - 22/10/2018 18:00 - Philippines - Para?aque

Today, one of my younger nephews had an epileptic seizure. My mom started to administer wrong treatments she learned from Google. Being a doctor, I told her she'll make it worse. She then told me to shut up because I'm inexperienced, saying that Google has been there longer than I've been a doctor. FML
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I used to argue with people like that, now I just say "move" loudly and in a commanding voice to make people listen to me. Works most of the times on patients and their relatives.

peithecelt 28

is your nephew okay?


If I was in your position (and if my mother was that dumb) I would have her examined for mental disorders

Hate to be rude, but what kind of doctor are you?

someone something 18

How's your nephew? As a man with epilepsy, I know a lot if ppl out there need education on how to handle a person having a seizure.