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By Help.exe - 8/11/2018 09:30 - Canada - London
Today, my live-in girlfriend broke up with me in a rage. I was ecstatic since I've wanted to break up for a while, but couldn't as she has no job or place to go. She then "took it back" and plans to stay another year. FML
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  PuffPastry  |  8

I am also from Canada, and I threw my abusive ex-boyfriends (who was also from Canada) stuff out in the rain after he refused to pick it up when I finally split up with him.

Most of us arent nice to the point of not being able to take care of ourselves. That's just a stereotype.

By  Phillycheeze  |  20

Time to put Future Crazy Cat Lady out to the curb with all her stuff. If you are not happy move on. You have no obligation to keep her at the apartment. Obviously if she is on the lease etc. Then you are screwed.

  RichardPencil  |  28

Thank you!

It’s just a colloquialism for “who has control in the relationship.”

My favorite retort to that came from a greeting card: “When things are really good, no one’s wearing pants!”

  RinoaHeartilly  |  36

Just because something is a colloquialism doesn't mean it's not sexist. "Wearing the pants" refers to a time where women were not allowed to wear pants and had to be subservient to their husbands. This colloquialism is nothing but sexist.

By  Summaria  |  10

Even for a canadian you're way too "friendly".
How is her not having a job or place to go your problem?

I mean yes it sucks for her but it seems like you aren't happy in your relationship so why would you want to suffer instead?

By  T1A2Z3  |  34

Unless she has no job or place to go because of you end it. If it is because of you give here some money to get back on her feet and end it. Never be with someone who you aren't happy with.