By Unfair - / Wednesday 1 August 2018 01:30 /
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By  Briarpatch  |  20

Sorry, OP. Yeah, that kind of boss sucks. When I was younger and working in a movie theater, we had a staff meeting. One person asked the new manager why all the new rules he was setting didn't apply to him. He replied, "Management privilege. As far at this theater goes, I'm God." Half the staff quit that same night, and the other half quit within the next month. Whenever someone quit, he always said the same thing: "Was it something I said?" One employee replied, "Yeah, it was pretty much everything you said."

  MamaChey  |  22

Briarpatch! Didn’t we go to HS together? Yes! I KNEW I recognized you...You were the one who always reminded the teacher that she forgot to collect our homework and ratted us out for messing around in Chemistry lab, because “somebody could get hurt”.

  Briarpatch  |  20

Funny story. Several months after the "I'm God" staff meeting, I learned that this manager got fired. One of the first things he had done when he started was to triple the number of video games in the lobby. Well, it turns out that he got fired because he had been skimming money off the video games in order to pay for his cocaine habit.

By  boopingsnoot  |  23

I pester my bosses about regulations. No food or drink in the treatment room! Considering the vet doctors express anal glands and we trim fur and nails in that room, you’d think they would know better than to leave their coffee in there!

By  julfunky  |  26

This is why I always used a pocket watch. I could never be accused of doing anything inappropriate and I actually got a fair amount of compliments on it.

By  thehaystackerine  |  16

A friend of mine once got fired because her cell phone rang in her pocket during her shift. She completely ignored it, didn't even flinch like she was going to try to answer it.

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