By Jihnyq - Ecuador - Quito
Today, I went on a blind date with a girl. I was trying to be funny and joked, "I've never been on a blind date because I was afraid my date would be blind." She started crying because she's visually impaired and had just built up the courage to start dating. FML
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By  Leeono  |  26

Well at least you should have seen that coming. Guess she can’t look past it and won’t be seeing you anymore. Guess someone else will catch her eye.

By  HereNReady  |  13

What's with all the YDI? He tried making a lame dad joke at best it's not like he knew. Jesus you can't breath without offending people these days. Sorry OP tough luck apologize and ask her to go out again to reboost the confidence and move forward.

By  chessu  |  21

Ignore the YDIs! It's a joke, and though deliberately lame, also fitting for the occasion. I would've laughed, visually impaired or not. I get that it's a tricky subject for her, but you weren't to know and if she doesn't get that, then it's not much of a loss. (but I assume she just got a bit teary-eyed, explained, and you carried on with your date)

By  GhostFox  |  33

People are saying YDI because people with disabilities- like being vision impaired- tend to already have anxiety and bad experiences about being mistreated because of them. It's also really rude to not only make a joke about something that seriously impacts someone's life, but to do so at their expense in a way that implies that their disability makes them unworthy of dating. It also isn't rocket science to figure out that someone will probably take a joke about a disability badly.

In other words, people are telling OP that they deserve it because they DESERVE IT. Jokes about disabilities aren't funny, they're just a way to make it obvious to everyone in earshot that you think people having to deal with medical, social, physical, and emotional issues is funny.