By EevieBear - United States - Rochester
  Today, I was babysitting my young cousins who are obsessed with Narnia. So to appease them, we checked every closet in the house. We never did find Narnia, but we did find sex toys. Lots of them. FML
EevieBear tells us more :
Hey guys! Op here. I'm pleasantly surprised this got published! I guess I should have explained the whole situation a lot better. It was not my idea to snoop, as I was making them dinner, and I heard doors opening and closing. I went to investigate, praying it wasn't a break in. Instead, I found the kids looking through the closets. I asked them to stop, sit down, and watch tv while I continued cooking. I watched them go back to the main room by the kitchen where I was, but I guess they snuck back out. When I checked on them again, they were looking at, you guessed it, sex toys.
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By  chocolateteacup  |  24

That's awkward! How did you get out of it?

By  Migole  |  36

Fuck the kids lives for sure because they will probably realise what it was in a few years.
But am I the only person who finds it pretty rude to just rummage through other people's closets without asking them?
Sure, the kitchen or living room I can see but I don't think they had sex toys just casually lying around in their kitchen cabinets ...
So if you went into a bedroom that's not your own without permission and opened stuff you deserve to see whatever you find (if not sex toys, maybe Birthday/Christmas presents for the children etc.)

  Migole  |  36

But I highly suppose that said closet was in the parents bedroom and you just don't go into other people's bedrooms, and you especially don't open closets or nightstands or whatever in other people's bedrooms. It's in the parents full right to have sex toys lying around in their private and personal space. It doesn't matter if they just "took a quick peak". Bedrooms are personal space, period.

  NoThanks999  |  19

It said closet, not nightstand. And the OP could've been trying to keep them away from the bedroom but they ran in there while OP was. OP walked in but it was too late. Not necessarily OP's fault.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

I came here to say this exact thing. The OP must've taken the kids to the parents' bedroom to do that, and then dared to go through their stuff. When I babysit, I never set foot NEAR the parents' room unless I need to get something for one of the kids.

  EevieBear  |  26

Hi! Op here! Thanks for the comment, but I would like to explain some things. It was my fault for the wording in the FML, so I wrote the whole story in the follow up, so if you care feel free to read that! But in short; I was not snooping, I was cooking dinner and the children decided to look through the closets without my knowledge. The closet with the sex toys was in the hallway, for whatever reason, not in the bedroom. I agree, I should have been watching the children closer but I didn't want to food to burn. hope that helped!