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By Bawsack - / Thursday 23 February 2017 15:00 / United Kingdom - Edinburgh
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  Angreal  |  14

You can self certify for 7 days in the U.K. Before requiring a note. An employer may request a note if you are frequently ill and it's usually in your best interest to get one as they can withhold enhanced sick pay at their discretion

By  jcash52426  |  5

Most places require a doctors note if your going to out for a long time. If it was just a day, don't you get a certain amount of sick days. Also if I was a parent and you were sick I wouldn't want you near my kid( even though it sound like you got it from one of your kids).

By  Bawsack  |  18

OP here. Just to clarify; in the UK, we legally have the right to self-certify for seven days. My boss isn't accepting this and wants a note anyway. I've called my doctor twice and he can't help until the seventh day has passed. I now have to either go back to work sick or lose my job.

  Angreal  |  14

There's no legit reason for sacking you unless it's repeated / reoccurring absences. Worst they can do if it's a normal level of sick is only offer statutory sick pay. If you have less than 2 years Service there's no risk to the business to giving you the boot unless it's discriminatory (black, gay, pregnant, cancer etc,) and you can reasonably prove it

  joonsson  |  20

In Sweden an employer can request a doctors note from the first day if you are sick often, but they have to pay for the doctors visit if they want one before the 5/7th day. Maybe the UK has something similar?

Plus, why wouldn't your doctor be able to give you a sick note before then? Seems weird but if those are the rules I guess either stay home and risk getting fired in which case you should definitely stand your ground and sue or go to work. Make sure the parents know your boss forced you in to work sick though, might stir the pot a bit.

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