By Lady_Spaghetti - / Saturday 25 March 2017 22:00 /
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By  AstroTurfMatador  |  8

Actually, I just saw this on "Hack My Life" today. It's so you can sneak alcohol into places you normally can't get any. You take the "guts" out of the doll, put the container inside, drill a hole in the back of the doll head and run a straw.

  jnugzzz  |  6

Only at California Adventure, and it's not exactly cheap. Sneaking it in definitely would save money

  Lady_Spaghetti  |  36

Disney's security has been much tighter lately, with more check points and the like. I'm sure they would've detected something like that... or not.

Still strange, either way.

By  codyolimason  |  12

Is it a coincidence that I'm watching a BuzzFeed video where two people are raising a robot baby for a week and the guy had the baby strapped to his chest in public haha

By  GhostFox  |  33

On the plus side, it was a guy with baby doll and not, y'know, a guy walking around with a dead baby strapped to his chest. Second one would be decidedly worse.

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