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By  kenken5  |  12

Sometimes if you’re so over qualified for a position they won’t hire you because they expect you to be looking for a better job and that you will quit very soon

  Rabite  |  28

It depends. I worked there when I was in school and wanted to get some extra money. I thought it was insightful and fun as a job on the side. I actually kind of miss it sometimes but I wouldn't want to do it full time though.

By  kenken5  |  12

Sometimes if you’re so over qualified for a position they won’t hire you because they expect you to be looking for a better job and that you will quit very soon

  KingAdrock  |  14

Except all worries an employer might have about hiring an over-qualified worker can be dealt with in the interview stage. A manager can simply ASK how long the person intends to stay in the job, or if they're willing to commit to the job for a certain amount of time to make hiring them worth it. Same goes for concerns like salary.

Only stupid or incompetent managers will flatly refuse to take someone that's over-qualified.

  alycion  |  31

People will lie. Depending on where you are at, there are shortages for so many fields that managers won’t risk hiring what would be considered underemployed. It costs too much to train. It sucks when someone wants the job for a reason and isn’t planning on leaving right away. Don’t forget manager paranoia too. My husband lost out on a job because of that. The guy told him that outright.

  julfunky  |  26

“Yea, I’m only here until something better comes along” is NOT something you would ever admit to in an interview. That idea does not work whatsoever.

  blue_pitt  |  9

true when I worked the the GM said she wouldnt hire anyone who she felt like she would want their potential unless they were still in HS so that they could have a job

By  JackFaire  |  21

You were overqualified. It can be really hard to get a job at a place then. There was a former realtor who quit to take care of her newborn she came back when school started to be the receptionist. They hired her to try and pressure her into taking back her old job which didn't mesh well with time for her kid. When they laid her off eventually they said, "Because you'll never be happy as the receptionist you're overqualified"

By  fluffy_gummybear  |  11

That exact thing happened to me! I think it depends which McDonald's you apply for, the one I applied for was fairly new and was on the outskirts of a small town with not many customers so I suppose they were able to be more selective about their staff. However, my friend works at a McDonald's and she says that the one she works at employs drug dealers but then again, that one is a much bigger McDonald's.

By  maroongrad  |  13

That's actually why. In order to get people off welfare, companies are offered some pretty big financial incentives in the hundreds and thousands of dollars to hire them. A good idea in theory, sometimes a good idea in practice, but then you get THOSE bosses. I had one.
She'd hire three or four reliable, good waitresses and cooks that would cover shifts consistently and under-schedule us for hours each week. The rest? She'd literally pick people that she was sure would stop showing up to work on purpose. That tiny fraction of a percent of people on welfare because they won't work, and the group that's too mentally ill to work but still has to try? Those were always on our payroll. She'd make a few thousand bucks, those people would almost always quit inside of a week or two, and we'd cover the shifts for the 8 or so people that were "just passing through".
So...if her boss already HAS enough "good" employees? To get hired there, you'd have to be on welfare AND make the boss think you'd quit quickly. Faster the employee quits, the more can be hired and the more federal dollars get sucked in :(
Sad but true...which is probably why your friend is working with a bunch of druggies :(

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