By whyme95 - / Wednesday 23 August 2017 01:30 /
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By  faifai_fml  |  17

What's the worst that could happen, they give you 30 days notice of demand to vacate due to breaking the terms of your lease? You're outta there in 30 days anyway. Fudge 'em.

  Lalala579121  |  27

Well at the very least I'm sure OP will have to pay the pet deposit. I'm sure the apartment place knows that OP will be gone in a month if they do evict her it will certainly be sooner than that.

  chyiochan  |  27

They may not charge you the pet deposit, but they now have means to withhold their entire security deposit. Ours was $300, and I've seen some hit $500+.

  Cali  |  50

Depending on the area, security deposits can be way higher. I lived in one place with a few roommates that took a $2500 deposit... and we had no pets so it could've been higher!


Actually there's usually a pretty hefty fine stated in the lease. At my work it's $150 immediately for cleaning costs plus a PER DAY charge for still keeping them there without sucking a corrected lease.

By  talaswolf  |  20

I hope they are like my apartment and just let it slide. I've had my cat for almost a year and even told the apartment. They have yet to ask for their pet deposit.

  Ciara Koch  |  17

Lol not most ours even refused to believe she was 1 year old and we had to go get the adoption papers to prove it (she was exactly one and a tiny little thing) but then again we don't have apartment inspections...like that just sounds bizarre to me your not a child

By  Catlover1130  |  14

Could always ask a friend if they'd watch the cat for you until after the inspection.

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