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By StuckInTheCloset - / Wednesday 9 January 2019 20:00 /
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By  XPiemaster  |  15

You gotta do what's right for you. You won't be truly happy if you stay closeted. And if she is truly a great girl, she'll still be your friend, and accept your realization. Best of luck!

By  TopherM  |  2

Damn bro, that's fuckin tough. But....I think that if you're unhappy with how things are, then In the long run being depressed about it will also affect her, and it will be something neither of you can help. Rip the bandaid off, you can do it.

By  KittyMack  |  12

I'm no expert in trans issues but I am a 100% straight woman like your GF. I guarantee you that if my late first husband, or my current husband, told me they'd realised they were a woman, I wouldn't go anywhere. Would I date a transwoman I just met? No. But for someone I was already in love with, heck yeah I'd redefine my sexuality to "pan" or whatever.
Not saying your GF is guaranteed to stand by you. I'm just saying it's totally possible she will.
IMHO if you don't tell her, a secret that big will poison the relationship anyway. I think being open with her gives the best odds at happiness.

By  The_candyman  |  12

Write down why you think you might me a transgender. Then ask yourself why you believe that makes you a transgender. See if you can enjoy the things you want to enjoy and be the person you want to be without changing you sex.

  RinoaHeartilly  |  36

You know, I just can't understand all this hate towards something that has absolutely nothing to do with you...unless it's fear. You must live such a terrified life.

By  GamerChickxoxo  |  13

Honestly coming out, i lost my gf id been with all throughout highschool, i lost my job,my home, my friends/social life, and was attacked whereever i went until i started to "pass" and moved to a different town.

Its up to you weather to comeout or not.
my suggestion
look for a lqgtq support group, youll probably find one like PFLAG on facebook
-make sure you have a steady job and good income,because its going to be hard to get a job with all the harted towards trans people out there.
-try to be comfortable with yourself,figure out who you are
talk to a therapist
relationships come and go, maybe dont comeout to your gf just yet until youve figured things out for yourself.

-try to ignore insults, or even people accidentally misgendering you,feeding the trolls will just add fuel to the fire.

-oh and be prepared for lesbians not to want you because "you have a dick" or "your a man"
and straight girls not to want you because "your a girl"
trying to date after coming out sucked sooo much for me.

By  Jam2019  |  10

OP, do what is right for you. I'm a trans guy who tried to suppress it because my ex was straight and it made me absolutely miserable. If she's a decent person she will understand and you may break up, but you will find someone else. I've been with my current boyfriend almost two years now and he's amazing. There will be someone who will understand your transition.

Also don't listen to any of these transphobic lunatics, just do what is best for you. Best of luck to you!

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