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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my mother asked my live-in girlfriend if she's had any problems with me peeing the bed. I haven't wet the bed since I was seven and I'd hoped to take that secret to my grave. FML
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Chill out. If it hasn't happened for that many years, it shouldn't be an issue.

But you haven't wet the bed since you were seven. So it's not really an issue.


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it's not that big of a deal. the last time I peed my bed was freshman year lol

yeah people have problems with their bladder you were seven, OP

Stop trying to be Trollz4dalulz

30 - Trollz has multiple YDIs. This guy's just trying to look "cool".

32 I know I told him to not take trollz thing hes got goin on.

33- You missed my point.

If she's a live in girlfriend then she's probably noticed by now that you don't.

Your girlfriend should have responded that you only do it during foreplay.

30- I love your picture!

0opsie 6

If you're old enough to be living on your own with a girlfriend, you should be old enough to not be embarrassed about having a very common bladder problem as a little kid.

don't worry OP, when you're old you will be back at the bed wetting stage again!

She should've told your mom "only when he is roll playing as R Kelly" piss on you. drip drip drip

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to Mfmylifesrs

Chill out. If it hasn't happened for that many years, it shouldn't be an issue.

The point was that OP's mom decided to share something rather embarrassing. They weren't worried that they would wet the bed.

It shouldn't be embarrassing, though. That's my point. There are tons of kids who wet the bet at that age. They can't help it, sometimes. Shit happens.

Pee happens*

Oops, I spy a typo. I meant bed*.

I dnt agre w/ this cmmnt so i dnt lyk u

I don't agree with the fact you wrote everything incorrectly. I also don't agree with you posting that you don't like me because you disagreed with my comment. Like I bloody care.

59 - Go personal trolls! He apparently knows enough about you to pick at the stuff you absolutely hate! Yay!

74- Actually, he's just complaining because I commented on his comment ^^ up there. He's just taking the immature route. (and apparently the unintelligent one, too.)

hey u r realy frikin anoying so just shut the hell & go eat shit

Agree with Steff on all accounts. OP, have a little faith in your woman, man. =

I really think its funny how in her comment she says she will prove you wrong, when opinions cant be proven right or wrong as they are opinions. now if i said you were an idiot then you could try and prove me wrong...but tbh id still think you were. welcome to logic 101 dumb ass.

80 Actually I'm not complaning, I just decided to read your profile.

106 - That doesn't make me an idiot. What I meant by that was I will always have something to say and I will stand by my point. Also, most people try to throw out "facts" rather than opinion. If they tried to tell me that the sky is orange, and call it a fact, yeah I'll be there proving them wrong. To whoever else wishes me to eat shit, go fuck yourself and don't read my comments, then.

then change yer comment to " i will have the last word!" :) that one was in fun...

and lol at the eat shit thing

But you haven't wet the bed since you were seven. So it's not really an issue.

unless OP is 8 or 9, then his live in girlfriend might think he has cooties too

true. no sex for 8-year-old OP

uuuuh what is the big deal?

OP you're pathetic if you think this fucked your life up. thank you & goodbye.

you mom is mean. it sounds like she is trying to scare away your girlfriend.

...Or she was joking.

..or she was concerned for her peeing son

yea 13 because ev'ryone jokes about there child wetting the bed...

79 - What's with the sarcasm? It's possible, and that's all I meant by my comment. She could be making the joke for an ice breaker, since the live-in girlfriend may not be overly talkative with the mother. Take the pickle out, please.

i got moderated for using the "f" word ? oh my.

7 isn't that bad.. now.. what if it was when you were 11.. Now that's just horrible :(

11 really isn't that bad when you consider that there's a hormone your body produces when you sleep which allows your bladder to hold more urine. Some people don't produce enough of this hormone until they begin puberty and everything goes into overdrive.

ur right I know it

someone peed on MY bed the other day then blamed it on me :(

did they pee on it intentionally ? if so, then wth kind of people are living with you :O i'd cry.

how old are you