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Wow, really you need that job

I hope you get the job, OP. Good luck.


Wow, really you need that job

Hence, the outstanding formal presentation. :D

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Atleast you care enough to make yourself up for it!

No shame in that, do what you gotta do!

Accidental pun?

I hope you get the job, OP. Good luck.

Yeah, came here to say exactly this, OP. Good luck! (At least, as a man, I don't have to wear makeup, just have a suit and a fresh haircut.)

That's good you didn't come out looking like a clown from hell... or a hooker. They always put to much makeup on.

Actually they are usually really good at applying the make up. Afterall the point is to sell the product.

I guess you've only seen trashy ones. Don't be ignorant.

Ignorant... About hookers? I'd say that's a good thing.

Better then stealing it like most people would.

that's exactly what I thought. op was getting by while keeping her morals and being a decent human being. you shouldn't feel bad op! you're bettering your life!

Yea. Make up is pretty expensive. Especially "brand" named ones

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Who cares? She needed it.

Maybe she's born with it...


For testing and makeovers, they usually use disposable applicators. Not reusing on multiple people.

Anything that touches a customer is disposed of, and they don't use counter samples for makeovers.

That's what the product samples are for. You can always buy them once you get a steady paycheck.

Ain't nothing wrong with that. The make up is there to be tested. It's not like you made a scene to get some garlic butter that you didn't pay for.

I see what you did there lol.

Exactly, there is no shame. I've actually done that before, my eyeliner at home, dried up & I didn't wanna go in wearing red lipstick for the interview so I switched for a pink. I felt shitty thinking "Other girls are here to buy & I have to mooch to look nice." But my mom told me even old women with money will shamelessly go in to apply free makeup often & it's clearly an option to just do it for my own sake. It's embarrassing, at first, but I think it's more embarrassing to be unprepared for an interview.

So there is something wrong with it?

That's not poor - it's thrifty!

Sometimes you gotta do what's best in order to get by. Good luck fingers crossed.