Panic on the streets of Hanford

By greeneyedpothead - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Hanford

Today, I got my foot stuck in the car seat belt. I kept pulling to loosen it up but it just kept getting tighter till my foot was in the air, so I started panicking and eventually started crying. My boyfriend had to pull over and save me from a seat belt. FML
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How about just taking the seat belt off for a second?

ChloeG_fml 9

What's your foot doing all the way up there? Lol


Yes, I believe we are all envious of your coolness.

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No ones offering you a "first cookie" That makes it even more embarrassing. FYL #1

****. Regretting thinking I was cool now..

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Listen to me! The seat belts are on the attack, we must prepare for the horrors of this war to come! I'm not crazy! :O

blackheart24 10

How the hell did you get your foot stuck in a seat belt??

I got my Hand stuck in the window, I open the door and it was one of those moving seat belts so I ended up in a target parking lot close to choking myself and waiting for my mom to come help get stuck

alliewillie 22

You panicked and cried until your boyfriend pulled over... Because your foot got wrapped in the seatbelt. You sound like a drama queen and a wuss. F your boyfriend's life.

64 - What the **** were you trying to say?

I get panic attacks when I feel like I can't escape from anywhere, and am extremely claustrophobic, hence the freaking out part! It was only till after he was already pulling over to help that tears came down lol.

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How about just taking the seat belt off for a second?

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nublets 12

One does not simply take off their seatbelt

^Well, based off of OP's username, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say she was high. Just throwing it out there.

twisted_cherub 14

I've been high, but I've never been that stupid.

ChloeG_fml 9

What's your foot doing all the way up there? Lol

0.o Those seat belts can get nasty when they are not brought up right...

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How did you manage to get your foot stuck in a seatbelt?

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people think they're so smart for making this dumb you're* correction

48 - At least it shows they aren't ignorant of grammar such as capitalization and punctuation.

RedPillSucks 31

Really? Must we continue with this silly "Stop acting so smart by showing your education" BS? It doesn't take "smarts" to follow the rules of grammar. It just takes knowledge and the will to use it. Is it really asking so much for a native english speaker to actually write grammatically correct sentences?

nah...i read her user name but i think if she was high at the time she probably wouldn't have freaked out and started crying.

Laughing hysterically is a more probable response...

I smoke all of the time... Never done this. She's just stupid.

Reaction to pot is pretty variable. There are people who freak out and start crying if something bad happens while they're high. I've known people like that. :-/

perdix 29

Sounds like a scene from the modern remake of "Reefer Madness!" Lay off the Wacky Tabacky if you can't handle it.