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One key to rule them all

By Killme - / Saturday 1 July 2017 13:00 / Canada - Vancouver
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By  Lobby_Bee  |  16

So your office parents are out of town and they took all your office siblings with them leaving you alone? That can only mean one thing, crazy office partyyyyy! Start sending invites.

By  Lennellie Sml  |  12

It can be a win-win situation! You'll be the only one out of the office on holiday whilst the rest are slogging. Ask him for when is your own 10-day paid vacation in lieu of you being "keymaster" - and if he doesn't agree, already have other trade-offs to offer.

By  Madrias  |  34

This would be the perfect time to hide fish around the office. Sure, you'll have to put up with 10 days of stinky rotting fish, but imagine the trout-slap in the face when everyone else returns and walks into that mess.

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