My poor baby

By Username - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, a car hit me while I was on a crosswalk. The driver jumped out of her car and stepped over me to check her car for damage. FML
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Olovio 5

Well did she have a nice car?

DearestPluto 0

that's when you use all your strength to get up kick a nice dent in the car memorize the license plate and run Till she can't find you. then I'd probably call an ambulance if ur hurt but **** up that car. I despise bad drivers

I'm just guessing here but he probably deserves it for walking out in front of a female driver. Am I right?

I'm just guessing here but he probably deserves it for walking out in front of a female driver. Am I right?

rallets 22

how did a car get in the kitchen? :/

Grammar_Nazi101 0

Wow, OP is a dick, why would you try to damage the car like that? Watch where you're going...

Michele2luv 8

if it was an Audi I'd understand

Angi95 3

I would have been like ow my neck I'm feeling a law suit which means no your not going to be able to pay for that dent in that car a-hole.

not even if it was a Bugatti I would understand..... but I will understand if it's a crown Vick

if the op was obese that would make sense

Why? This could've been a very heavy person, who's skirt I wouldn't want to look up... And yes, heavy people can jump. I've seen it, it's terrifying.

when heavy people jump you don't just see it, you feel it too ;)

I'm sure that went through OP's mind while watching the driver step over...

Eggers 2

aha I see what you did there 50

I'm pretty sure the drive was Asian-.-

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MsMeiriona 2

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OP is probably fine since they're telling fml about it :) so no worries

chevyuser 0

legally pedestrians have the right of way, if OP was at a crosswalk the driver is at fault either way. sue her butt!

breezybear93 0

obviously it wasn't her fault if she was on the sidewalk. clearly the driver needs to go back to drivers ed and re learn how to drive.

a_nutritionist 10

@64 that rule is a piece of shit. it means that anyone can step out in front of a car anytime they want and its the drivers fault if they get hit. disgusting. the law shouldnt protect pedestrians just because theyre moving slower. in this instance though, on a cross walk, i can totally see why youd be pissed at the driver. its no different to any other intersection a driver has to cross.

MsMeiriona 2

you'd be surprised how many times I've seen people wait till the last second before a car goes by to try and dash across a crosswalk. generally idiot teenage boys, of course.

64- I just went through a drivers Ed class. I don't know where you live but where I live if a pedestrian is jaywalking and they get hit they're the ones at fault, not the driver

gangssaboo 0

64- jay walking is illegal....dumbass.

get up, punch her in the face and drive off in her car

gabe2014 0

I've seen this happen in family guy! funny as he'll!

Oh dear. Perhaps the hit caused her priorities to be knocked out of order.

vanquish83 0

I'm sure that "blondie" usually means woman. and also, how is that funny?

MissFukMyLuck 0
Dreamkiller51 5

26- u never heard that phrase," Blondes are Dumb." wow you're stupid

salvorican 24

Dude my dad is like that.. Everytime I hit my head against sumtin like the kitchen table he would he would ask if I scratched it.. Hope ur alright op

angie_nsn 5

Dude, how do you hit your head on the table? Bang down on it or waah? Confusing...

a_nutritionist 10

@14 the difference being he didnt hit your head on the table, and you were stupid enough to do that on your own. besides, you only knocked your head, you werent travelling at 60kmph so the damage in comparison is pretty weak. so yeah, nothing at all like this situation.

IHeartJimi02 0

14, not even remotely close. Op was hit by a car crossing the street. You hit your head on your kitchen table. How do you do that anyway?

salvorican 24

Well I'm a chick and gravity doesn't agree with me. I just brought up this story cuz the driver didn't bother checking if op was okay, just like my dad didnt bother checking if i was okay first