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loserman67 Say more :
OP here - the place is like Fort Knox. Many levels of security but everyone was polite. Tried my best to con our way in but no luck.
By Loserman67 - / Friday 25 August 2017 10:41 /
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By  Xikira  |  5

I'm confused how is 25 miles far? That is what 30 min max one way? I guess i'm use to texas where you can drive hrs before you need to get somewhere. But that does suck that you got your excitement busted when you got there.

By  WeirdUS  |  24

Did they say that they had tours at that location? Most factories are for vendors workers and family of those people I'm not sure why you would just show up expecting them to let you walk around and give you a tour . Even if they did list the tour I would call ahead to make sure they're still offering it and to check the hours.

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