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By zobara - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Switzerland

Today, after my credit card was stolen, the thief made donations to charitable associations. Now I feel bad for asking for the money back. FML
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Talk about a tough choice. FYL

imagine all the mouth you've fed or homeless you've clothed at the cost of your own.


Talk about a tough choice. FYL

Well the thief did a good deed for the OP. He can put it in his tax reductions!

Robin hood anyone? 'stealing from the rich, giving to the poor'

Tough choice indeed, although he will get to claim the funds off of his taxes.

This would be an absolutely simple choice for me - get your money back. I give what I can afford to give to my charities in time and money. I don't have extra money to lose in my budget and I certainly don't need my credit cards maxed out on causes I might not even support. If you report the charges as fraudulent, the card companies should take care of the rest.

Did you know that if you report a charge as fraudulent, the credit card company charges a fee (about $35.00) to the merchant/ charitable organization, that they can not get back? Even if it wasn't their fault.

$35 isn't the end of the world for them. The average North American charity actually uses less than 50% of the money they collect to directly help their cause, the rest is eaten up in operating costs and private jets for their board members.

Actually the hacktivists anonymous did that a couple months ago feel lucky to be apart of something

What a nice bastard. :)

You don't know if OP was rich, though. Stealing from the poor and giving to the poor is less justifiable.

:o it's like robin hood (;

Maximum trolling.

I work for a non-profit. We get fraudulent online donations every once in a while. It's a credit card thief's way to test card numbers and see if they are still good and what dollar amount limits they have. Call the charities - they'll understand. Even though your "donations" would do someone good, the non-profit (if it's a decent one) won't want that money.

imagine all the mouth you've fed or homeless you've clothed at the cost of your own.

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you sir are a jerk ^ (that guy)

He's the kind of guy that makes fun of the commercials of the poor little kids.. Terrible..

I feel like those commercials are meant to make you feel like shit.

Those commercials are heartbreaking, they always put on the saddest music and have sweetest, and saddest looking kids on there, I always feel myself tear up when I see those commercials, and donate anything I can if I have the funds to.

Right? They are almost as bad as the Abused Pet commercials. They make me want to cry. But, that said, if Op has their own money to spend they should not have to go into debt because of a charity. If Op can afford it, then its an asshole move to make (even if he did not donate in the first place) but if Op has their own problems then either way the money is going to help someone in need.

I would prefer to he fed and clothed with the money I earn and then move on to other people if I have any extra money. Also I hate Sarah McLaughlin (spelled it wrong) because of the poor animals she shows me

And I swear the ads are always around dinner time, makes me feel that much worse :(

Don't feel too bad on her behalf, she gets paid, very well I might add, to stage those commercials. The world vision ones are the worst. World Vision wastes over 3/4 of the money they take in on themselves. Million dollar ceo salaries and an intensive ad campaign don't come cheap.

I hope your kidding about World Vision because that is one of my charities I donate to.

What sucks about the commercials with the hungry starving children is the kids with the really round bellies are dying anyways, it means there organs are shutting down. Or so i've heard

Like any other business they provide a service. The service is to leave you feeling like you're actually doing something to change the world, filling you with a sense of pride and purpose. It's bullshit because even if all the money they took in did go towards these people it still wouldn't have a substantial affect on the masses. But at least it makes an individuals life a little better for a little while. If you want to make a real difference you should volunteer internationally. Most people don't have the time for that in their lives though. Living expectations make everyones life difficult.

Where are you getting your information from regarding World Vision? I sponsor 2 kids through WV Canada and Dave Toycen (President of WV Canada) makes (as of 2010) $184,000 per year, nowhere near a million. Also, over 80% of World Vision's revenue goes directly to the program you're supporting, and they are very open about what they spend and where they spend it. I'm not saying some charities aren't doing the things you claim, but to make accusations about a specific organization without any evidence to back it up is totally inappropriate... And you are completely wrong. *The information about World Vision I have listed is available on World Vision Canada's website.

I don't think its right to accuse a charity of those things without listing the website (like 145 did to be helpful). You could prevent someone from making a difference in a child's life by saying that [charity] steals the money without offering real information and links for the person to go see.

Hopefully, you'll figure out the right thing to do.

There IS no right thing to do in this situation, that's what sucks.

well, if you really need the money for personal reasons ask and if you want just say keep a certain amount, money is hard to make these days op.

Honesty is the best policy...

Steal from one, give to another...cause that makes sense -_-

Meaning the thief doesn't make sense :p

Stealing from the rich, and giving it to the poor? Robinhood? It isn't entirely unheard of. I probably wouldn't ask for the money back, unless it was absolutely necessary (couldn't make bills or something)

Well I see what you're saying but hard telling OP's financial status

It's also like welfare. Giving to the less fortunate should be by choice, not by force.

This makes me thing of Robin Hood! I hope you're rich, though! If you need the money and you explain when asking for it back, I'm sure they'll understand.

You and every one else that read this Fml thought that..

If you look at the time stamps, she was actually the first one to say that it reminded her of Robin Hood.

I didn't say she was the last? Just stating the fact.

A modern Robinhood, but still its OP's money he/she shouldnt feel bad at all

I'll have to admit, that's pretty genius. But sorry op.

I would still feel bad even if I just canceled the credit card.

and this is how you properly fuck someone with their own two and a half inches.