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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Netherlands - Apeldoorn

Today, I unintentionally moaned during my prostate exam. FML
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Q: What's wrong with being a proctologist? A: All your patients are assholes.



JustDerpin 11

I like the way you think ;)

loserboii 11

I'm sure OP enjoyed it just didn't want to believe it.

Yeah that's it, "unintentionally". That's why this FML was listed under "intimacy" and not "health".

I wonder how the doctor felt

funkiemonkey15 4

Lol good one

HelloGuys 4

Ok a prostate exam is something up your butt right??? Edit: like to check something inside your butt?

LOL Op you weird fucker.

unknown_user5566 26

55- In the time it took you to write AND edit your comment, you could've just searched Google for the answer.

Where both of the docs hands on your shoulders.

Nothing wrong with a little pleasure. Who cares!

It is a good way to even things out and make it equally awkward for the doctor.

HelloGuys 4

66- you could've just answered me, the FML community are butt faces

116- What are you 12? Who says butt faces??

118- he probably actually IS 12... He's a guy and he doesn't know what a prostate exam is... I mean don't most men know that?

HelloGuys 4

125- I was trying to be nice as possible, and i'd had an idea what a prostate exam is but i just wanted to confirm it. Next time ill just call you all ignorant as* holes b*tch. (But FML ppl would've taken my comment down)

HelloGuys 4

125- fk U

nightheat 5

You guys can't be nice?

Actually, a prostate exam commonly gives men erections and/or just plain feels good. The male g-spot is very close to the prostate. One way a doctor can help alleviate a really bad case of "blue balls" is by stimulating the process until the man ejaculates. OP probably couldn't help it.

dryersheet 11

If you didn't know before, you now know something new you like in bed.

Inheritance 10

Reminds me of 'scorpion'...

the_anti_hipster 7

Nothing wrong with a little butt play! But I hope you know that doctor is about to tell everyone he knows and they're going to have a laugh at your expense...oh, and don't shake his hands afterwards.

Hippocratic oath?

Can you call that a Freudian Slip?

Achall91 17

No, I really don't think so.

Actually, you can call it that. A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of some unconscious ("dynamically repressed"), subdued wish, conflict, or train of thought. The concept is thus part of classical psychoanalysis.

perdix 29

#3, not unless you asked the doctor to cuddle after he finished the exam.

the_anti_hipster 7

I'm pretty sure what "slipped" in was a finger, not Freud.

Only if he's anal retentive.

Reeserr 3

Wow, you can use google!

80- I don't think that googling "Is it a Freudian slip if you moan while a doctor is probing your anus" is going to return a whole lot of results.

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Not only is that inappropriate, but it's extremely unprofessional and would no doubt get her fired if someone were to find out. I hate to be a buzzkill, but save the sexy nurses for porn, and not a real life doctors office.

A medical professional would know he isn't gay just because he enjoyed the feeling of pressure on his prostate. As a nurse, I am aware most men do enjoy that if it is done right. Don't assume because that makes an ass out of u.......

Moaning from having a finger put up the ass from a girl wouldnt be gay, its where the male g-spot is, so it would be understandable. But OP was obviously getting it from a dude, thats why its a fml.

#26 i think you need to grow a pair, my mate has been fucking his female doctor for a while now and she gives him access to steroids because of that.

cacunt 1

You are literally too stupid to insult.

well the male g spot is in the butt . although i wish i never knew that fact .

I was just stating a fact. People shouldn't always assume. By the way, there's absolutely no need to be rude

Sounds like the start to one of those porn movies...

Was one or two fingers?

IAmNotAnAnimal 9


ozone9914 2

lol fist

SApprentice 34

That's okay, I'm sure the doctor gets that often. It's not something a person has a lot of control over.

A moan could possibly be passed off as a groan of discomfort. The real question is did woody come by?

tandem123 6

Around here, he's called the sheriff.

131- you're 14. I don't want to know what you named your dick. Thanks.

ozone9914 2

I've been there

theBadGuy37 9

Same doctor?

ozone9914 2


Tell us, we'll keep a secret